When Yograj Singh (yuvraj singh’s father and a popular punjabi actor) spew venom against Hindus during the ongoing so called farmers’ protest, it wasn’t just one-off incident it exhibited the hate Khalistani radicals have been able to inject against Hindus in general, scratch the surface and the subcutaneous hate is exposed. In this article i’dContinue reading “COGNITIVE KHALISTAN REVIVAL :AN UNPOPULAR OPINION”

Aren’t we at war already, what are you running from?

War! well my friend, you are not interested in that heinous act, war is interested in you, that’s on a prowl, scouting your streets. The callow ones wouldn’t agree though, the war is ubiquitous, its everywhere and it is biting you nimble and there are those cunning ones who wouldn’t let you feel the painContinue reading “Aren’t we at war already, what are you running from?”