Nuisance, you are a conquerer!

Man was a monkey and evolution is a rollercoaster. You had empires ruled by emperors, kingdoms ruled by kings and now you have Nations ruled by, swayed by Nuisance. A nobleman, a foot soldier, a pikeman, a cavalier and a peasant held higher social stature than the Jester, the clown, the harlots and a hoofer.Continue reading “Nuisance, you are a conquerer!”


Resolve, duty and responsibility. All that a soldier asks!

RESOLVE!! congratulations sir, your son has joined the Army!!!! now that, gentlemen is quite a statement! It hides in it a cruel callousness. thank you sir, so would you send your son too? birds chirped, some twigs crackled underneath the feet as the man shifted his weight to the other leg in a denial andContinue reading “Resolve, duty and responsibility. All that a soldier asks!”

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