2019, a milestone to my end yet I’d celebrate the birth of you

Man craves for festivities, festivities he creates to dance in trance, let himself loose in frolics, festivities he creates to let himself forget the toil, the vagaries of his everyday being, what’s a flip of that last page of your calendar, just a flip yet the naive would drink to it, drink they do and that won’t be sane, not sane at all while he watches over the very voyage to his end, but then sanity is death, sanity is the end of vitality.

Kill that sanity, jump, hop, dance, kiss, hug, drink, eat and know no limits.
That’s what the man needs, festivities let there be many and tonight let the reason be just a flip of the calendar.

Be credulous, get drunk, sway to the favourite track in trance, let it be happy, insanely joyous new year.
Let me wish you a happy new year, please do keep me in that insanity as we celebrate it.
HAPPY NEW YEAR, stay insane

The quintessential”class ostriches”


Well, one meets people, the people counterfeiting class, read books and don’t watch tv, come on that’s brute pretentious trivial prattle after all, oh you watch tee vee?

Well, my friends that booby little box tell some realities munching on your flesh as you lay faking that slumber.

Then there are others faking sagacity, “oh come on the social media is designed to play with your psychology, writing stuff on these platforms doesn’t really stir up a coffee cup”

Well again my friends, consistent overawe won’t unsheathe some opinion either.

Wise ones would stick out the billboard saying stay out of social media and news channels and the world is all at peace, then again my wise ones, that’s not your original one…………..way back there was a pigeon who closed its eyes as the cat approached, pigeon was as sagacious as you are today. Alas ! Pigeon was original.

Society changes and the change manifests in a way to meddle with our everyday lives and certain changes are so under the surface that one wouldn’t notice until it stares in the eye and there is no escaping that. Social media to me is a vehicle of propaganda, evangelism and some marketing yet the significance of it cannot just be wished away, it represents every little idea whether sinister or noble and gets you the fair enough perception of whats brewing under the surface, fair enough provided one is sane enough to differentiate reality from propaganda yet you get an idea of the “undercurrents”.

Inherent anonymity that certain social media platforms proffer is enough for people to come out with their genuine inside opinions which they otherwise would not dare to let out in open for the sake of political correctness. This makes me respect social media platforms as effective tools to read the trend, that’s the barometer of the society. Media, whether institutionalised or free bus like twitter can only be ignored at our peril. Even nuclear technology has peaceful noble purposes, media is too unpretentious in comparison, responsibility and gumption are the keys.