Feminism, here you go again on a skateboard of hogwash!

The Last I heard, the breech block of a T-72/90 series tank was 67 kgs and space available in a battle tank is just enough for one, only one person to take it out, well that calls for an exclamation mark. Maaaaan! That’s something. Well then, lets have some more exclamation in this post ofContinue reading “Feminism, here you go again on a skateboard of hogwash!”

Lost tribe, are we?

Civilizations, well we know some, we’d never get to know some, so many done and dusted, ruined, brought to their knees and traces of them lost in oblivion. All those who breathe yet in flesh and blood, all those who walk the trail still and boast of the thriving civilization and pledge their allegiance to,Continue reading “Lost tribe, are we?”

Nuisance, you are a conquerer!

Man was a monkey and evolution is a rollercoaster. You had empires ruled by emperors, kingdoms ruled by kings and now you have Nations ruled by, swayed by Nuisance. A nobleman, a foot soldier, a pikeman, a cavalier and a peasant held higher social stature than the Jester, the clown, the harlots and a hoofer.Continue reading “Nuisance, you are a conquerer!”

Resolve, duty and responsibility. All that a soldier asks!

RESOLVE!! congratulations sir, your son has joined the Army!!!! now that, gentlemen is quite a statement! It hides in it a cruel callousness. thank you sir, so would you send your son too? birds chirped, some twigs crackled underneath the feet as the man shifted his weight to the other leg in a denial andContinue reading “Resolve, duty and responsibility. All that a soldier asks!”

“Divergent Squint Ideology” The Sinister web that creeps on you undiscovered!

One planet, one earth that we all exist on is a myth. There are billions of worlds, every man has his own, that Kaleidoscope is on avail, you pick your own hue for those glasses to peep through. Your world is defined by the colour of the glasses that you put on or perhaps forcedContinue reading ““Divergent Squint Ideology” The Sinister web that creeps on you undiscovered!”

Getting older and procrastinating it with change in genres!

Did someone just pour some Chipotle sweet onion sauce on my Cantonese noodles or its just my palate grown archaic! Was time since last attempted some pub hopping and tub thumping on some hardihood inciting guitar and drums so took a trip to a microbrewery ghetto, girls were miser with clothes, people loud, smoke hungContinue reading “Getting older and procrastinating it with change in genres!”

From “English Shackles” to the “Political Hemp”

The nation chose a secular democracy as the system of governance at the inception of the constitution that every political party across the canvas either respects or puts up a show of respecting at the least. The nation till then was governed with a tight military style of command chain and there was no toleranceContinue reading “From “English Shackles” to the “Political Hemp””

Paucity is a giver, abundance has blood on its hands!

Winter had just set in, that evening it asserted itself profoundly to have Delhi in shivers and though I had ditched my car for the sanity of riding my bike to maneuver through that quintessential Delhi evening chaotic traffic, my pale blue hands, numb with the chill conveyed how idiotic my decision was. I immediatelyContinue reading “Paucity is a giver, abundance has blood on its hands!”

Bringing down your savior !

Hailing from a town of less relevance, living with a starry eyed dream of making a career someday on my own, growing in absence of extravagance and watching my parents enduring the chores which filled their everyday life, the life which tried preserving every little penny on a hope of a grandiose living, i neverContinue reading “Bringing down your savior !”