When Yograj Singh (yuvraj singh’s father and a popular punjabi actor) spew venom against Hindus during the ongoing so called farmers’ protest, it wasn’t just one-off incident it exhibited the hate Khalistani radicals have been able to inject against Hindus in general, scratch the surface and the subcutaneous hate is exposed.

In this article i’d attempt to expose the conduits of hate campaign and try to reach out to the Indian Punjabi community on a bended knee to make a plea, a plea to beat the hate and strengthen the blood bond that exist in our history and withering at present, lets try and nurture our kinship. Lets just look back over our shoulders, the bond is real hate is manufactured.

Digging deep to find some broken, dumped and agenda infected truth of Punjab’s history that goes a bit abrasive on certain hardline khalistani factions and their sole existence is something that has to be attempted and someone had to pull the veil on the unpopular truth that remains subdued and too subtle to be heard.

Today i start with a picture of Baba Sri Chand Ji, now most wouldn’t know who he was, he was the son of Guru Nanak Dev ji and now that you know know who he was, peer deep into the picture for a while to absorb the subtle realities. Yeah, he wears a Janeu, has matted tresses and appears blue quintessentially ‘Shiva’ like. Even finer revelation for many would be the fact that he was the ascetic saint who started the “Udasin Samprada” a hindu sanatani sect headquartered at Vrindavan, Mathura now but ironically the sacrum-sactorum, the actual seat of Baba Sri Chand ji in Pathankot District of Punjab today is under Shromani Gurudwara Prabhandhak Committee (SGPC), the Sikh body governing most Gurudwaras across the nation.

The actual “Udasin Samprada” to whom the seat belongs amicable go to Vrindavan without a claim on “Baath Sahib Gurudwara” the name now people know the site as. Sanatan Dharma has considered Sikhism to be an offshoot of Sanatan philosophy and whether its a Gurudwara or a Mandir doesn’t really matter, but wait a while, keep reading i am sure i’ll be able to rip off the veil from the hypocrisy of the other side, the radical so called purist sikh factions.

Many outside Punjab wouldn’t even know Guru Nanak was born in a punjabi Mehta Khatri family. Radical Sikhs remain abusive towards hindus , i have personally come across an argument by sikh friends accusing RSS and certain hindu sects of trying to hijack their religion by claiming it to be an offshoot of sanatan value system and my only question to this end would be “would you be ashamed of your lineage?”. No one has tried hijacking anything here, had it been, Gurudwara Baath Sahib would have been a Sanatani Udasin peeth. Preserving and nurturing inclusiveness and shared heritage isn’t hijacking. The flesh and nail relationship between Panth(by the way Panth means a sect, not a religion) and Dharma was propitious to say the least in an already fractured diverse nation. BUT FOR THE SATISFACTION OF THE PRESENT DAY PROPONENTS OF THE FAITH I’D AGREE SIKHISM IS A SEPARATE RELIGION !!! All that my writing here asks is recognition of bond between hindu and sikh community and mutual respect accordingly, no way a believer of sanatan dharma is trying to hijack any of your beliefs, Sanatan is an all encompassing ocean of compassion.

Shared heritage and hypocrisy of cherry picking :

Try searching for Khalsa Panth on google, that by the way is the sect to whom the Sikhs today owe their allegiance to, Khalsa Panth was started by 10th Guru, Sri Guru Govind Singh ji and first people to join the sect were “Panj Pyaare” five individuals hailing from five very distinct far apart places across India. Why did i even say you need to search google? because ironically radical beholders of sikh faith today would not like to remember Panj Pyaare for what they were ; Daya Ram a Khatri hindu from Lahore, Dharam dasin a Jaat from Meerut, Himmat rai a Kumhaar hindu from jagan nath puri Orissa, Mohkam Chand a chheemba hindu from Gujrat, sahib Chand a Nai (barber) hindu from Karnataka.

Given the sensitivities of today’s sikhs towards any reference to Hindu lineage, i’d relent and agree with them though with tribulation that since all these five hindus joined Guru Gobind singh and came under the folds of Khalsa Panth they should only be called by their baptised names. No wonder all panj pyare have a “Singh” title and today’s generation would be a yard further away from any hindu-sikh shared heritage.

All non punjabis except one by the way, the present generation would have made fun of any non-punjabi indian, calling them “Bhaiya or Chaul Khaani jaat” in a crass derogatory manner. Needs a bit of soul searching??? the racial pride has to be curbed and pruned, it cannot just go one beefing up on steroids and you cannot let the ivy grow over the door. You owe allegiance to all Indians, is mandated and called for. Some might still disagree with my statement on ” inflated racial pride” i’d say wait….wait i am not done.

BAHMANAA DI NAI, JATT DI AA YAARI AA” thats one piece from Surjit Bindrakhiya’s uber popular song “Jatt di Pasand”, this is how icons of Sikh/ Punjabi folk culture degrade Brahmins and yes in effect all hindus. Did someone protest this? no, this is a song from 90s and the singer has even died but yeah no uproar over the lyrics. Generations have been fed with “JATT” exaggerated machismo. No songs qualify as punjabi enough if its not around Jatt, don’t we have other communities living in punjab, do we? Why Brahmin? why not degrade someone else? it is done to malign the fountainhead of Hindu philosophy as Brahmins are the torch bearers, protagonists and pedagogue of Sanatan Dharma.

Here is a link to just one of the many attempts of maligning with latent hatred towards “Brahman”, “Gangu” is how they address a brahmin colloquially while looking down and mocking a brahmin. Gangu was one brahmin who in the history betrayed Guru Govind Singh’s mother and informed mughals about her whereabouts but what about Bhai Mati Das and Bhai Sati das? you cannot just cherry pick history for figments that suit you and your narrative. Deny this? wait i am still not done.

WHY ‘GANGU’ A BRAHMIN, WHY NOT JUST ONE TRAITOR? why highlight the ‘BRAHMIN’ factor while talking of ‘GANGU’ and not BHAI MATI DAS? Haven’t you had traitors in Sikh community? Why carry that false ‘Holier than thou’ attitude?

Moderating this conversation among historian Amar Pal Sidhu, professor Sukhmani Bal Rai, and Scottish author William Dalrymple, bureaucrat Mandeep Rai said: “Generals Tej Singh and Lal Singh betrayed their own Sikh army to join hands with the British… otherwise Pakistan would have never been in existence. This account of treachery runs very deep,” he said, “even historians don’t know how deep.”——-that is just an excerpt from times of India’s coverage of a meet on history.

Lakshman Dev, a Dogra born in Rajauri (Union terrirory of Jammu and Kashmir) joins Guru Govind singh and becomes celebrated warrior Banda Bahadur. How many even know the real name of Banda Bahadur today? The radicals have to abuse Dogras and call them traitors as Raja Lal Singh, a Dogra Wazir in Sikh empire conspired against Sikhs and provided information to Britishers, they also feel Maharaja Gulab Singh of Jammu stole Kashmir from Sikh empire, Lakshman dev would not go well with that narrative, isn’t it ?

“A Warrior Dogra, Lakhsman Dev becomes Banda Bahadur and if a Dogra turns out to be traitor, he just remains Dogra and the entire community is painted with the same brush of your propaganda” Haven’t you had traitors among Sikh community? Political opportunism was as real in those times as it is now, can we make peace with this fact?

the radical facebook pages, social media propaganda is full of it, though it cannot be denied that half of it originates from Pakistan and NRI Sikh ghettos of west, Indian Sikhs however, remain the target audience and won’t be long before the hatred walks the main street.

Your history is so meshed with Hinduism that no matter how hard you try someone will keep reminding you of the kinship and the blood bond. You can’t keep cherry picking every noble warrior or saint from history and make him a sikh poster boy while maligning his entire community for someone else’s fault or may i say some political opportunism. Sikh empire by the way had Dogras and even Gorkhas fighting for it.

Bhagat singh gave his life for the cause of freedom, so did Shivaram Hari Rajguru and Sukhdev Thapar both hindus same day, same cause, same place. How many movies, how many songs do we have in their name? most would not know their full names as well. Is that not cherry picking by the standard bearers of “Punjabi cultural pride” and i’d say even bollywood and the media?

Babbu Maan, another dear icon of radical youth even went on to discredit freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai while addressing numbskull Khalistani cool schmucks at London. If cherry picking wasn’t enough, here is discrediting. here is the link, Deny it still?

Deliberate incision into the unifying Socio-cultural fabric :

With one ingredient cherry picked, the venomous concoction of separatism is closer to completion but they still need a cuspated scalpel to separate the flesh from nails so here we are, decades of slow slicing of umblical chord connecting Hinduism and Sikh panth.

Ram, Shiva, Bhagwati, Hari, Krishan, Vishnu, Chandi, Kaali, Durga and Brahma in Sri Guru Granth Sahib but any semblance to Hindu deities is denied by most radicals. Created a smaller exclusive Sikh majority state of Punjab shedding off Dogra hills to Himachal and Hindu majority plains to newly created Haryana.

Common Hindu vikrami samvat calender discontinued and Nanak shahi calender adopted, was there really a need if entire agenda wasn’t to tear off the fabric of common heritage? What was the problem with ‘Vikrami Samvat Calender‘ it existed even at the time of Gurus.

Watched any Punjabi movie lately? you rarely would find a hindu character, the entire village appears to be “Jatt”, ironically punjab has considerable hindu population and today, even a credible christian population too, can’t say if they intentionally give the inclusiveness a miss? however inclusiveness does exist in real world punjab as yet but portraying a purist exclusive society in Punjabi movies will sure enough go a mile further in bulwarking and beefing up of the already inflated racial pride and shredding the social fabric?


Inflated Racial Pride

Shown one side Victim for too long

Selective cherry picking of History

Deliberate incision into the unifying Socio-cultural fabric

Khalistani radicals have mixed all of the above ingredients to make a poisonous concoction of hate and separatism.

One side shown victim for too long : Partisan approach to history narration

Thousands of peaceful, unarmed and patriot Sikhs were killed by mob after the assassination of Smt Indira Gandhi that was a gloomy day in the history of the nation and it just cannot be justified, justice too lingered in this case of genocide and lingered so much that it gave space for separatist narratives to be fed again to puberty after terrorism died in Punjab. Radical factions printed T-shirts, created social media pages, have youtube channels and involved mainstream popular singers, sponsored and orchestrated a full blown campaign that 1984 is not forgotten, palpably enough they needed the sentiments of grief, victimization and eventually vengeance alive to keep their narrative skateboard rolling.

I’d even attach a link to Jinda-Sukha a song sung in the glory of the Khalistani assassins of General Vaidya (retd) by Ranjit Bawa and Lehmber Hussainpuri (i am amazed at the policy paralysis of the government which allows this).

One can just sit back and gulp down the reality of hate this song is going to instill in future generations, to the dismay of every nationalist, this is not the only Khalistani song by renowned popular singers, one just has to search there are many others including Jazzy B who are into this business of hate.

They made sure 1984 massacre is not forgotten and revived the Khalistani concept in cognitive domain but then what about the Hindus and Sikhs killed by Khalistani terrorists during those dark times? Delhi has so many Hindu business families who were hounded out of Punjab in 80s after losing their dear ones, receiving threats, asked for ransom. Punjab itself has so many internally displaced Hindu families from villages to the anonymity of safer cities like Pathankot, their land holdings at native villages quietly gobbled. who is their voice?

Didn’t Hindus suffer during that period of Khalistani terrorism, they did but no visible malice, they rebuilt their lives, carried on for the love for the nation. Aren’t those Hindus your brothers as well? Today all Khalistani NRIs proudly associate with Pakistani Punjabis and call themselves Punjabis and not Indians, may i have the audacity to ask them whether Punjabi Hindus don’t have a claim to this land of their forefathers? aren’t they your brothers too? perhaps a bit closer kinship than what you share with those Pakistanis.

1984 happened however not justified but one thing is very clear and sure, Khalistani terrorism did not happen because of 1984, it was already existing. Why are you trying to mobilise people on your lies? why this one sided victimhood? Notwithstanding, you have successfully built an anti Hindu, anti India narrative on this lie.

The sole aim of my writing is just to present a perspective and request all Sikh brothers to pragmatically analyse whether this Khalistani narrative has any truthful and firm ground, a collective snubbing to these Khalistani radicals is pretty much needed for the unity upon which hinges the very existence of our nation.


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  1. Very Well written article. Gives a truthful and balanced account of the events taking place in the country.

  2. Very well researched article, this has got lot to do with our education system. We must include origin of religions/sects in the books. None of the Gurus claimed to have given a new religion. They just reiterated what was given in our scriptures which was being distorted by few pandas.

  3. A well researched narration bringing out the reality ostensibly being screened by radicals to meet their ends. My parents migrated post partition alongwith a large number of Sikhs and all retained their love and affection for each other. My father served as a Judge of Punjab and Haryana High Court and most of his judgements have served the urban people of Punjab. Khalistan as being propounded will spread to Pakistan Punjab. Will they get the support?
    This nation has given Sikhs so much of respect and adulation that their present attitude will definitely undermine their existence. A president , a PM, a number of chiefs of army, navy, Air force besides others – definitely disproportionate to their numbers speaks for itself. They are being ill advised a rational leader is need of th hour to bring out reality.

    1. Thank you sir, unfortunately with deep rooted racial pride and radicalism a well meaning, rational and responsible leader coming from the community itself is bleak possibility. Let’s still hope for the best

  4. Thank you for this well researched write up.Hope the government and the people heed your warning.

  5. Please search about Gangu Brahmin this is a fictional character devised later on. Raj Sharma handle or true indology handle will be of help.

  6. This article has lot of kaura sachh for Sikhs, but the author glosses over the biggest finding of last year which explains where we are today – deliberate move by Indira Gandhi to inflame Sikhs and Punjab after coming to power in 1980, all with cynic plan to use it to her advantage in 1985 elections. The fact that anti Khalistan bureaus were establish in February 1980, one month after Indira Gandhi came back to power speaks volumes. She continued to lay traps for Sikh leadership, which unfortunately they all kept falling in. There was an attempt made for a settlement in 1982 which even included Bhindrawale agreed to go back to his preaching days, but most likely Indira Gandhi’s advisers scuttled it fearing a negative blow back. What’s amazing to look back is that simple gestures like placing Golden Temple replica in Amritsar railway station back then made local Hindus go crazy, nobody seems to mind today that the international airport at Amritsar is name after Guru Ram Das, gives credence to the fact that there was a lot of behind-the-scenes incitement done by Indian security agencies. Operation Bluesar was horribly executed, an ounce of knowledge of Sikh history would’ve made anybody aware that those fighters were going to fight till the last bullet, it’s the same siege fighting spirit weather its at Saragiri or Galwan. I actually believe the military planned for a full assault unfront, why would they have taken 12 tanks with them? Also, everything that Akalis were fighting for back in 1980’s has become topic of contention between different Indian states since then, whether river waters or territory or language, but only Sikhs were made to suffer back then as anti nationalists.

    Majority Hindus have never seen the Punjab issue from the eyes of the Sikhs, who after all a tiny minority in India.

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