A Captive Nation to Captive Ideology : left, China, Nepal and why Mr Modi is a punching bag for all!

Vasili Mitrokhin, well that man wouldn’t apparently be pretty relevant in the world as we know it alas, that’s what we’d be shepherded to believe then. Vasili Mitrokhin’s book titled “The KGB and the world” can still strip certain ideology bare naked. The book is a confessional account of how KGB controlled the Indian politics, planted and nurtured communism with pretty much a purpose while the nation remained oblivious to what it was being wooed into. He even goes on to reveal how suitcases of cash were sent to head of a particular political party at helm those days. While his claims can be brushed aside calling them made up, work of fiction or even propaganda, certain affect on Indian polity, administration and psychological conditioning is palpable.

For the sake of political correctness and maintaining apolitical credentials, i am not pinning blame on any however still there are some who’ll have their ideologies stirred a bit after reading my article and may get irked as well.

Well, India was granted independence with a bloody wound of partition in 1947 and a not so sure about itself government started to chart a path for itself and for steering the nation on, Non Aligned Movement was what it chose while the world was divided in two power blocs, east and the west. NAM, what the Non Aligned Movement was popularly known as, proved to be a poaching ground for the two power blocs, both US led west and Soviet led East poached for Quasi allies, De-Facto colonies or Lackeys among the Non Aligned Movement nations and NAM could never really be Non Aligned. Even before overt US involvement with Pakistan, soviets had started planting and cultivating communist pawns in India. The book talks about how CPI was funded and tasked to facilitate Soviet running of India’s affairs, Mr Krishna Menon too is named in the book which has two complete chapters on India. Entire existence of Communist Party of India has been narrated to just as peddling of Soviet agenda in this so apparently a Non Aligned, free nation.

While Pakistan, the arch enemy gained tremendously by signing SEATO and CENTO treaties with US, becoming the most important US ally outside NATO, India did nothing to get closer to any of the power blocs, Non Alignment was a sham, ideologically we remained soviet ponies.

India chose to tread a tight rope between the two blocs and stay non aligned till the very end of the cold war though it remains pretty well apparent now that Indian policy dynamics have always soviet inclined for reasons both internal and external. US support to Pakistan in terms of military hardware, training and international posturing pushed India to look to Soviet Union for support which was very vital in the cold war era and it manifested in India’s success in 1971 operations amidst vehement western opposition to India’s stance.

That success militarily and politically couldn’t have been possible without the Soviet support both overt and covert. International relations however do not work on mutual gratitude and gratification, Soviets too needed allies to assert their political prowess and India was an apt candidate to be cultivated as an ally in the region, India’s geopolitical posturing supported Soviet designs considerably, specifically as Soviets had their share of dispute with China as well and the only natural answer to growing US influence in the region was developing a “Special Relation with India”.



That relation however did cost India dear more internally than externally, the concept of public sector driven economy and existence of communist trade unions ensured that India remains dependent hugely on imports and foreign support, which came from Soviet Union thus giving a de-facto control of India’s economy to the Communist eastern bloc.  Privatisation of industry was made to be a politically untouchable stigma, fat and economically untenable public sector units were carried as a dead weight by the frail economy. The employee trade unions hoodwinked the establishment to continue with fat and inefficient staffing of organisations while the advent of technology demanded less manpower for more efficiency.

Lack of private industry blunted the opportunity for growth and narrowed ambit for personal businesses further making populist political policy of job retention in public sector a compulsion for successive governments. 

Industry and economy suffered and private businesses continued to be battered financially as well as socially which was well evident in the Bollywood movies of that era portraying private business owners as blood sucking beasts and encouraging unionism, poverty in general was blamed on the few ‘haves’.

There always used to be a blood sucking crony hindu ‘lala’ and a ‘billa number 76 wearing coolie’, communist propaganda, socialism facade and populist appeasement went as smooth as a whiskey sour. The lack of social and electronic media gave monopolised space to Bollywood which could weave the narrative and stay vindictive towards private businesses.

Any private businessman enduring and still sticking his neck out was seen as a crony capitalist. Communist socialism sold the false narrative to the entire nation that its “Haves VS Have nots“. That cacophonous buzz of narrative in your head was brought to you by bollywood.

While they made money, they left you in a delirium of leftist agenda, “have nots” couldn’t even have opportunities for progress in absence of job generating infrastructure, jobs after all were to be generated by industry which was in shackles of communist hoodwinks and sluggish bureaucracy.  The need for having a healthy private sector and trade across the globe was never felt, India had too little economic relevance and was dependent on Eastern bloc for key essentials though retaining some Non Aligned credentials did allow India to trade with west however it remained abysmally limited, few successful examples to quote were purchase of Mirage and Jaguar fighter planes, Centurion and vickers battle tank, INS vikrant and virat, i can just count a few, the defence inventory in india still remains largely soviet . Some may argue that soviets were the only ones ready to share technology and that played a major part, yes that can be agreed to yet the very basic ingredient to become self sufficient in technology remained absent and that was nurturing our own private sector and encourage research and development through healthy market competition, defence sector in particular remained monopolised by PSUs and Government owned Ordinance Factory Board, result is for everyone to see, Indian Army still looks at imported Sig Sauer (US) and AK-203 (Russian) rifles as its basic small arm.

This remains largely a reason why leftist JNU brigade sees an enemy in Mr Modi, he has opened up unexplored sectors for privatisation and now there is a plan on for corporatization of Ordinance Factories as well, this would break the back of unionism in India and build a healthy ecosystem for competitive Research and Development. You’ll see more of “Desh Bech Diya” narrative woven by self proclaimed “Eminent Intellectuals” in near future.

Siege on Educational Institutions

Communists by their basic instinct, nature, definition and existence have to consider nationalism a bourgeoisphenomenon, that may appear to be a loud statement but yes, nationalism is only invoked in communism in dire exceptional circumstances like the fight for Stalingrad in WW-II, otherwise communism stands for global takeover of communism and nationalism is presented as venomous. Ever heard what JNU agitators shout lately? Nationalism is venomous, well, that doesn’t come as a surprise. These days we have a rightwing nationalist government in the centre and the protests go over the brim opposing National Anthem, “Bharat Mata ki Jai”, ‘Vande Matram’ and they go on and support Pakistan, China and call our nationalism venomous  Xenophobia.

Well, that didn’t happen in a day, Student politics, i have my serious reservations if we need student politics at all but then that remains a topic for another day.  Those (Daphli waala schmucks) have been leading the student politics at JNU, that university was captured and made a leftist bastion right at the birth of it owing to the communist money arriving from Soviet Union. It was a smart move, capturing young minds and purging nationalism out, manifestation you see even today.

Why Nepal’s newfound overt hate towards India too is born and brought up in Delhi?swarajya_2016-03_e95ec100-ac7a-43f1-96e5-a2565556d758_GettyImages-516811246

Nepal abolished Monarchy in 2008 and the Maoist took over the power however retaining democracy.  Maoists during their years long bloody campaign to usurp the Nepalese royals, had exhibited comprehensively how much they hated India by attacking Indian manufacturing companies operating in Nepal and stalling the projects being undertaken by Indian infrastructure companies. The father of Nepalese Marxist communism, Pushpa Kumar Dahal (Prachanda) was always known to be close to JNU scholars, notably Prachanda approached then NSA Mr Brajesh Mishra for a political solution to Nepalese civil war through SD Muni, another JNU scholar.

Prachanda’s deputy, Baburam Bhattarai who later became the Nepalese Prime Minister did his PhD from JNU under the guidance of Prof Attiya Habib and was known to be close to the Leftist Prima donna, Suzanne Arundhati Roy. He, in fact would have pretty profound memories of stay at JNU as he even met his wife, Hisila Yami at JNU, she was a Maoist too. The deep rooted relations between the Maoists of both sides are pretty well known. Why does JNU have to be the fountainhead of Marxism in the region when the ideology globally is more or less dead, even Russians have rejected the idea and left it way behind? Any which way, Nepal is far from being a blood brother anymore, Present Prime Minister KP Oli has entered china’s chambers and gone a step too far to claim India’s territory. By the way. Communist party of Nepal was formed by Pushpa Lal in 1949 at Calcutta after meeting and discussion with Indian Communist leader Nripendra Chakrawarti. Seeds, you see, were sowed here on our land, thorns born later now hurt us. The militant Maoist movement in Nepal too was inspired by Indian Naxalbari architect, Charu Majumdar , the father of bloody Naxal miltant movement in India. Communist of both sides undoubtedly received ideological support from Soviets and Chinese.

For the love of Mao : Hypocrisy to the hilt

Communists/Marxists/Maoists are more often than not presented as the harbingers of “free speech” , “free thought” , “liberal perception” and are generally found riding on the band wagon of various kinds of freedoms in India, well, lets for your ease name a few, “manuvaad se azaadi” , “Kashmir ki zadi” , “Brahmanvaad se azadi” ,”Hinduon se azadi” , they invent all new fissures in society to weave an agenda of lies to save their little existence, notwithstanding the impact it has on this nation already so diverse and divided on so many fronts. Irony dies a sudden unnatural death when these schmucks talk of free speech and freedom of thought while the icons of communism “Mao Zedong” had even banned cosmetics for women in China, our cool girls of ideology here go around protesting with a white foundation washed face and flaunting nice mascara, the other one “joseph Stalin” killed and tortured millions under his ‘Gulag’ , ‘order number 227’ and ‘the great famine’.

Azadi they talk about wouldn’t have been as scarce as it was under communist regimes of Mao and Stalin both responsible for millions of deaths in their respective nations, Mao was famous for purging his own party of any possible opposition.

They’ll agitate for Shaheen Bagh, support anyone who can pose a threat of any intensity to  anything which has any semblance to nationalism that anyone can be a Maoist naxal, Kashmiri Jihadi, Pakistan or China as well.

Indian Communists supported Chinese communist take over of Tibet and had supported China in 1962, Ideology was above the nation clearly. China’s Chairman is our chairman was commonly heard in Indian communist corridors during 1962 and before. How have things changed now, well, that is something remains to be seen but their indulgence in agitations to bring the nation to the halt just cements my belief, things haven’t changed much after all.












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