A pandemic,a Probation and living within sniffing distance to Anarchy. The wider canvas of agitational politics.


Corona, a Pathogen too huge?

That ‘Bat in the Soup’ took a plunge, kicked start a pandemic or it didn’t, perhaps man’s doing and culpability handed over to the mute bat. Notwithstanding the origin of the pandemic, it has exposed the vulnerability of the mankind to a fragile twig.

This viral jolt to the human civilization is a vast study in itself and mind you, it has manifested in more ways than one can think of. Pandemic and the deaths owing to it is just one, yeah just one part of the problem, what it reveals and lays open is way too sinister than being generally associated to the pandemic. I don’t really want to talk about how and why the virus spread as it is already in common domain of know, what i want to talk about today is how the a microscopic pathogen can and has stripped the social set-up naked. I’d not brew the introduction too long now and get on to the core issue here; Schism, yeah that is the core issue here, Schism and why that is far deeper and lethal pathogen than the virus itself. The schism that is poised to be a law and order nightmare, that is one lesson from the recent past and it is still manifesting during COVID lockdown.

Schism, way too huge!

Nation as diverse as india has to take that diversity with a caution. “Diversity is our strength” is a pliable, cute, babe in the woods kind of phrase when “unity in diversity” seems a bit delusive. “Unity in Diversity” takes a lot of responsibility to be true, which unfortunately is way too inaccessible for certain political rabble to take a whiff of.

Diversity is our strength? 



India is diverse and with diversity come differences. India was partitioned on religious grounds in 1947 and adopted a secular system of governance as it allowed people of all religions within its boundaries yet India faced its first insurgency as a result if dissent by Angami Zapu Phizo led  “The Naga National Council” in 1947 itself. I am sure not many of compatriots from south, central, western and northern India would know who Mr Angami was and who Isaac and Muivah would be, well thats also a case to be studied, why aren’t people aware what goes in Northeast India. Isn’t that national issue? How many know about Laldenga and Mizo insurgency? How Sikkim joined India in 1975 as 22nd state and before that it was an independent nation? Do we know our nation well enough?, well, i know Indian folks who know better about American Revolution than 1971 war.

How would our diversity become our strength when we don’t even know how diverse we are?

I’d leave it at that, don’t really want to challenge anyone’s knowledge about our diversity, just would like my intent of provoking a thought to be conveyed appropriately.  I have listed a few differences societies can have and you see for yourselves, we have them all:

  • ideological
  • religious
  • political
  • racial
  • Ethnic
  • Caste
  • economic
  • social

These differences need caution to be exercised by the politicians in their agendas, policies and their words as well. Chasms are present, can be exploited any day, the politicians on this nation have a greater weight of obligation to haul.

Responsible Politics.

These differences have to be managed well for the nation to exist as a healthy democratic, secular republic. Politics has to be responsible, anytime the social fabric of the nation is ruptured, politicians definitely own the culpability however that wouldn’t absolve the common populace of that blame of not being awake of their own responsibilities as citizen of a vastly diverse nation. How responsible the politician and the citizen have really been in the recent past? Lets analyse, now you just keep relating as i connect the dots for you.

  • Politician calling the Police men ‘Thulla’ and having voters cheering him. It is fair to assume that people of this nation when a prominent Delhi based rookie politician called the Delhi police as ‘Thulla’. Due apology was offered in some time as complaints were filed by police but then that ‘Apology’ did not occupy the same profound space in media as that ‘Thulla’ Comment. What get etched on public memory is “Thulla” and not that apology that followed. A politician making such a statement is not passable, it is huge and it only goes to malign an institution. police mocked.
  • Questioning Army on Surgical Strikes. Army functions within the framework of the constitution and the democratic values of the nation however it stays apolitical and its functioning is purely in line with the national effort. Army Chief or the Director General of Military Operations takes a press conference to announce the success of Surgical Strikes and that is a completely apolitical affair, it is part of the Standing Operating Procedure of any organisation to have a press brief besides that army is of the nation and does not owe allegiance to any political party. Can we doubt our own army’s stand on its particular operation against a known pledged enemy? Do we oppose a particular political party or we in the fervour of opposing drag the institutions of the nation? Question their integrity? I know many would still differ but then seeing a conspiracy theory everywhere too leads to loss of faith in institutions and subsequently is an invitation to anarchy. Army’s Integrity questioned.
  • Tacit support by various politicians to JNU assemblages. What really is JNU? A stellar institution in study of humanities, stellar or otherwise, it is still just a university meant to impart education. It cannot be a breeding ground for worldwide insurgencies. JNU infact is one of the last forts of Marxists which is holding out and thats the sole reason for their dogged fight for existence in its premises. Every couple of days they have a new agenda, new protest and in recent past more so as they see a right wing government at the helm and keep grinding their teeth to somehow thwart it. Government and institutions maligned.
    • Kashmiri militant supporting students fishing in troubled waters. Recent protests JNU, almost all of them had participation from certain students of Kashmiri origin supporting the separatist ideology chanting “azadi for Kashmir”, they never miss out on a chance to promote their narrative while media glare is available. JNU lends itself their motive, provides all the mob gathering and media coverage they need. They in turn conveniently utilise all thats granted to peddle pro-Pakistan narrative and malign the security agencies operating in Kashmir. Wannabe revolutionaries like ‘Kanhaiya Kumar’ take it further and go on to malign Indian Army. It is surely understood that India is a democracy and Army as an institution is not beyond the law however it too should be remembered that human rights commission at various levels puts in places adequate safeguards, Army itself has a moral code of conduct and robust discipline mechanism to guard against any immoral behaviour by the soldiers and officers. Can the fourth strongest nation in the world allow any damn wannabe level allegations against its army without any credentials?  Army maligned.
    • Loose rope to so called student politics. The student politics in a university though an absurd concept to me personally as it only can produce career politicians and nothing else comes out of it in these times of nation states when its been more than seven decades we last had imperialism in our country. Even if it has to stay, the student politics should just confine itself to ‘student affairs’ and cannot be granted a space for loose mouth wasted wannabes  to agitate against every decision of the elected government from article 370 to CAA. If a certain ideology is wriggling uncomfortable with the government at helm, it can wait for next elections. Student associations drag every institution of the government into their narratives and have backing of certain faculty members and politicians. Multiple institutions maligned.

Shaheen bagh, its support and ramifications. Shaheen bagh was a blockade, a very well planned blockade which could not have been possible without desperate political vendetta and the timing too was just right, elections in the Capital. CAA was passed by the elected government at the Parliament of the nation, it could only be opposed with a proper legal process and not by mob blockades and holding the nation to ransom. The Shaheen Bagh protest was not just a protest, it was blatant upfront challenge to the elected government and the supreme institutions that form the very substratum of democracy.

  • False narrative woven to pitch entire Muslim community against the government. CAA was never for rendering Indian native Muslims stateless, it only facilitates entry of religiously persecuted minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, further it never was Hindu centric, it involved all minority religions of these three countries. Common illiterate Muslim was made to sit for agitation continuously fed with daily dose of skewed narrative by leftist wannabes and prima-donnas. A narrative of “Muslim VS the government” was created. If already we didn’t have enough chasms in this nation to bridge, another was added. Imagine how sinister the situation can get when second largest Majority population assumes entire government mechanism to be against it. biggest chasm exploited, faith in elected government undermined.
  • Threatening voices at the podium of Shaheen Bagh. There were some newborn “Alpha Wolves” seen during the protests who aimed to lead the pack on a path of destruction of the entire society, Alpha wolves delivered speeches and “lackey wolves” cheered for them, these lackey wolves would then take the agenda to the streets. Sharjeel Imam spoke of how Siliguri corridor can be cut off by mobilising Muslims of the region. If that is nor sedition, what would qualify as? Eminent lawyer Bhanu Pratap Singh called for muslims to boycott certain business and particularly named Reliance industries to be targeted, he went on to say that the government aims to finish muslims. Created a government VS Muslims narrative on an already existing chasm.
  • Breeding of countless “Lackey Wolves” and that are way too dangerous to handle. Those “Alpha Wolves” on the podium, on social media, those have some relevance due to their following breed many followers further with their skewed narratives and hate speeches. Sharjeel Imam was arrested but what about the people in the audience who were cheering him, he was successful in shaping perceptions and these perceptions are malignant. Recent hateful Tik-Tok videos have surfaced at a time when world is battling Corona, people are still in a fever of spite. Who are these people making videos and who are the ones watching, its the common regular inconsequential commoner but the harm it does to society is immense, these are the ‘Lackey Wolves’ in the society who are roaming amongst you. ‘lackey wolf’ in the big city ghetto and the dividends of being! That lackey wolf, he won’t lead the pack he knows, he’d just follow the lead provided by the alpha. The common uncouth follower isn’t tagged, he doesn’t have an eye watching, the social media trending tweets on his hate speech. He knows he just is a lackey wolf, won’t be under any media glare and he’s vile, vicious and cunning notwithstanding his stature in the pack. He’ll do the harm and less of talking, he’ll have his jaws around your jugular, his incisors in your flesh. Its the lackey wolf who has that lascivious fire of hate in his eyes, who’ll arson, kill, rape and riot. He’ll loot your belongings, patrol your alleys with his banner of hate. He’ll do it all and he’ll do it with impunity. He knows he is safe, won’t be any arrest for him, he is just ‘ one lackey wolf’  in the mob, no one recognises him, he has no public face, no consequential existence. He knows only the mob leader would face the law. The lackey wolf is the real threat, are we doing anything against the commoner in the mob?? Entire mob is never arrested and that is a very dangerous void. This in the military terminology would be termed “Zero Intensity Conflict” where the hate and sedition is in the minds, in perception and can any day manifest in real conflict.
  • Smoke screen of lies to make political ends meet. Delhi Politician, Manish Sisodia took to twitter to tweet a picture of anti CAA arson where he accused Delhi Police of torching a DTDC bus. It was proven rather immediately that he in fact had set a false narrative accusing an institution involved in maintenance of law and order of a rather heinous act of arson. Delhi police personnel were in fact seen dousing the fire by pouring water. That was a huge malicious allegation on police and the politician tweeting this had massive following, the narrative was sold and bought well by the lackeys, what next? How would the politician be penalised, the harm has been done notwithstanding. Delhi Police dragged into political mudslinging and its image tarnished without a reason.
  • Harsh Mander calling people to streets.   Leftist columnist Harsh mander called people to streets and incited the mob by saying “Supreme Court did not save Secularism during Ayodhya verdict, so now time has come to hit streets” ; FAISLA SADAK PE HOGA. This was a clear call for uprising and he questioned the integrity of the Supreme Court.ade931b0-2151-11ea-9fbf-34cddf451973


Paving a way to Anarchy.

Maligning of institutions to weaving false narratives, every irresponsible, deliberate or inadvertent act will add up to the push and have a cascading effect on the nation as a whole. The incidents of firing on police, stone pelting or not cooperating with the health staff during COVID lockdown are not some stray incidents without any run up to them. These incidents exhibit the loss of faith in the institutions which has been planted and nursed since long. Once the functioning of institutions is hampered and challenged, its anarchy.

Isn’t COVID lockdown period a probation for the society?

The Corona pandemic and the lockdown that followed has shown us how divided our society can be during the times of crisis. Certain sects not adhering to the advise, hateful social media posts, lowly and despicable Tik-Tok videos, some neighborhoods not allowing health workers to function, attacks on police and unabated narrative weaving even at the time of crisis only makes one wonder how the nation would respond to major crisis, war for that case where national effort would be required and would the nation respond united? Fortunately still, the majority of populace is cooperating a following the guidelines. COVID lockdown period however can be a probation and a time for introspection for the citizen. It is a probation that can make us prepared for the future as a health democracy and strong nation. We can either come out as a superpower or go down to dungeons. CHOICE IS OURS, IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN, STOP BLAMING JUST THE POLITICIAN, OWN THE CULPABILITY.


I would be grateful and delighted to see your comments in agreement or in dissension of my perspective. Stay safe, lets build a stronger India.


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  1. India has ‘too much celebration of its diversity’. Without an ‘Indian’ character we can never achieve anything as a nation. Government should start by having one syllabus, one set of examinations only across the country. Education is a fundamental issue where people are getting wrong ideas from childhood. I studied in WB Board and in history books of Class 9, the first chapter was ‘Unity in Diversity’. Why bring up diversity so much so that you are taught unity in India is an exception ?

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