The Shepherding to Disintegration!! (HYBRID WARFARE AGAINST INDIA)

Would the sheep know they’d be slaughtered? well, no they wouldn’t and so wouldn’t the credulous commoner being shepherded to his own peril in this manifestation of “New Age Hybrid Warfare“.

Been watching, letting it go sipping my ale and then it just kept growing, grown to the audacity of biting my conscience. That ideology, that “cool generation’s ignorance” which serves a catalyst to the whole plan of disintegrating, shredding this great nation to pieces, that pretentious, chichi little celebrities using their charm to woo some more sheep pushing an agenda that would eventually slaughter us all, the sheep included. Enough! that just bit me out of my slumber and here i write to tear into some “Breaking India – Annihilating me and my existence forces”.

Well then, i know already that my writing style isn’t pretty direct and i like to dribble with words, oh yes today i chose a serious affair to talk about and i lay all my propensities to rest and write as direct as a 7.62X51 MM bullet fired from a hardened sniper rifle.  I WRITE ABOUT THE HYBRID WARFARE WE FACE AND I WRITE WITH ALL MY HEART!


You are pulling that pin on yourself slowly but surely!

War! well my friend, you are not interested in that heinous act, war is interested in you, that’s on a prowl, scouting your streets. The callow ones wouldn’t agree though, the war is ubiquitous, its everywhere and it is biting you nimble and there are those cunning ones who wouldn’t let you feel the pain till you bleed out the last ounce of life!

  Someone Opinionated

Yeah, that warfare that tends to drain you out, eat you hollow and kill you as you lay in slumber is called Hybrid Warfare and  unfortunately it has started biting you already. The recent experience i gained interacting with young boys and girls who would just share anything that looks cool online on social media platforms is that people don’t even know what ramifications their one act of careless, cool looking online behavior can have. They form an opinion without even an ounce of knowledge about any serious subject and then start sharing propaganda material for the same, least would they know that they are being used as skateboards for someone else’s sinister purpose that would eventually come to haunt themselves. That is one particular streak of behavior our online generation has that assists Hybrid Warfare.


Hybrid Warfare is a Military Strategy which employs political Warfare and blends conventional Warfare, Irregular Warfare and Cyber Warfare with other Influencing  methods such as fake news, Diplomacy, Lawfare and Foreign electoral intervention.


  • Waged by state, non state actors or combination thereof
  • Employment of all forces and capabilities at disposal
  • Targets cognitive domain with population as target and means
  • No limitations of time in achieving the aim

“Why be in a messy war when you can just light a fire and watch people fight among-st themselves”

That would just sum it all up, why would your enemy fight a war when he can just light a fire and see you fighting among-st yourselves? that is the best case scenario for him and that is what your enemy has come to now and mind you, you are assisting him too. The Hybrid Warfare targets the minds and also uses the minds from within the target population for propaganda which allows the enemy to recruit propaganda agents without any cost and the agents in turn ruin their own nation or society. The aim of any kind of warfare is just to destroy the enemy, various means and techniques have been used in past for the destruction of adversary’s military thus subjugating him however in modern times, destruction is not limited to only military targets. Population and Institutions are prime target of this new-age warfare. Minds are targeted under hybrid warfare strategy for propaganda and these minds further keep the propaganda on as a chain reaction specifically now in the age of Whatsapp and other social media tools. Adversary just waits and sees the manifestation of his plan without a direct involvement.

                “Propaganda is not a flawed description but a script for action”


Ingredients for Hybrid warfare

  • Diversity – Ethnic, Religion, Caste, Linguistic  Though traditionally diversity in our nation has been treated as a strength, it brings with it many fracture lines and those make a nation susceptible to hybrid warfare which tends to exploit the fracture lines to break the nation eventually.
  • Socioeconomic differences : Well, that can be a common factor for any nation, all nations have Socioeconomic differences and that is not specific to India but it remains a factor which can be exploited for waging a hybrid campaign. Naxal problem India is a perfect example of its exploitation.
  • Partition – 1947 and its aftermaths : Jinnah’s Pakistan was carved out of India in 1947 and though Indian leadership chose moral high grounds with adopting secularism, the partition left a scar and a mistrust between the two largest communities i.e. Hindu and Muslim and that mistrust continues to be exploited.
  • Historic Schism : Islamic Invasions and campaigns against native Hindus has left its footprint in ruined temples and certain mosques. One man’s hero is other man’s savage plunderer, that sure adds up to the friction and differences that can be exploited.
  • Corruption : Corruption in the nation leaves so many hurt individuals forming part of the “Have not” clergy. These may be someone financially hurt, emotionally persecuted or an unemployed, underprivileged individuals, they sure make good candidates to be exploited.
  • Unabated political vendetta : Political parties have shown in past that they won’t exhibit any ethics and would go to any neighborhood for gaining power. Refer Mr Mani Shankar Aiyer of the Congress making a statement to Pakistani media while in Pakistan, he actually called upon Pakistan to help Congress thwart Mr Modi. Does Political ambition score over national interest?

Some quintessential Hybrid Characteristics and their manifestation in Indian context:

  1. Cost vs benefits : Hybrid is way more rewarding for Pakistan than a conventional war against a stronger enemy India.
  2. Threatening the stability of the nation without crossing the  threshold to conventional war : Pakistan’s involvement in Kashmir is a direct example.
  3. Deniability : Hybrid warfare waged through unconventional means i.e. not directly involving Pakistan’s military gives it an advantage of denying any hand in a terrorist attack, Parliament,26/11 and Pulwama attacks are blatant and glaring examples. Here it must be remembered how people within India handed over deniability on a platter to Pakistan for their ulterior political motives and blamed RSS for 26/11 attack ( refer Aziz Burney’s book – RSS ki Sazish). Another twist of deniability to Pakistan was provided by the politicians across India who questioned the Armed Forces after the Surgical Strikes even to an extent asking proof and denying its occurrence. All Pakistan had to do was just sing along the chorus.
  4. Deep and Long-term Impact: Hybrid warfare which in itself includes propaganda and information warfare leaves a long term impact on generations and eventually the generations from within the target nation start working for disintegration of the nation. you may refer to the “khalistani” and “kashmiri” separatism which today is supported by agitating so called “students” right  in the National Capital Region.
  5. Lesser Safeguards under the law of the land as law amendments take time to catch up with the fast paced mutation of the hybrid warfare tactics.
  6. Lack of preparedness : Defence Forces are either not mandated to deal with the softer tools for the greater sinister ploy or keep themselves occupied with the harder upfront conventional threat and the softer, finer tools of hybrid warfare go unnoticed.
  7. Plays outside the domain of def forces mandate to operate : persistent use of “student politics” and universities being done to exploit the inability of the establishment to deal sternly with the so called “youth” and “students” allows the agents of hybrid warfare go unscathed.
  8. Hybrid play on a sub-critical level : Threshold of war flirted with, not crossed. Conventional mil kept as a deterrence and not overtly involved : reference may be drawn to Pakistan’s military providing training, recruitment, logistical and material support to Jihadi Terrorist groups but involving itself only as a credible deterrence to any credible Indian response.
  9. An ubiquitous yet deniable war : Hybrid warfare lets the enemy to take fight to the streets, ghettos and daily regimens of the target nation’s citizen, it surrounds the citizen with the credible achievement of war objectives but holds the ace up it’s sleeve, thats deniability. Here reference may be drawn to the violent agitations and riots by religious groups, “students”, “University Politicians”. Any agitation that threatens to or does actually stall the nation’s economic progress and dents its international image thus discouraging any fresh investments into the nation falls into the domain of hybrid warfare. JNU leftists have done enough harm on this account– “afzal hum sharminda hain”?
  10. Information and Intellectual domain : “The state of Pakistan has not deployed the army against its own people in the way that the democratic Indian state has.” – Miss Suzanne Arundhati Roy. Now statements like these only help annihilate the global image of our nation and a well disciplined army known to maintain high moral ethos.
  11. Lawfare : some eminent lawyers of supreme court forced the supreme court to open midnight in support of Terrorist Afzal Guru. They provide immunity to likes of Sharjeel Imam and Kanhaiya Kumar who blatantly work to break the country.


“A few clicks on your smart phone won’t make you as wise as a domain expert, unwittingly you’ll buy a narrative and an assumption of wisdom though, that my friend is a sinister combination”

THE ROLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE : This picture shows the various tools of hybrid warfare however hybrid warfare’s picture can never be complete as the ambit of hybrid warfare keeps expanding with every visitation of a new technology, recent case in point can be social media and artificial intelligence. The Social media platforms has given audience to every common citizen who otherwise might have been absolutely inconsequential to the mass. Social media gives a conduit to  propaganda in more than one way, advent of mobile phone and internet has dragged people away from a book reading habit to form some firm opinions and it has become easy for them to fall prey to the propaganda and further becoming a vehicle of its evangelism by sharing it further. Propaganda messages and videos go viral and the chain reaction ensues which cannot be stopped. Artificial Intelligence on the other hand captures the interest of the individuals and serve them the selective propaganda messages that they have liked or shared in past. ANY ATTEMPT BY THE ESTABLISHMENT TO STOP THE FISSION REACTION OF PROPAGANDA MESSAGES IS MOURNED AGAINST AS A WOUND TO BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS : reference here may be drawn to how government’s move to halt mobile internet services in Jammu and Kashmir is being protested against globally by a particular lobby in the name of human rights.

“Coordinated and synchronised actions that deliberately target democratic institutions and the very basis of existence of a nation state  while exploiting the systemic susceptibilities just under the threshold of war, flirting with it though”

“Once you start attacking nationalism, national identity, territorial identity. As people then you don’t have to invent much, if that is destroyed there is nothing left”

—- and that my friend is already happening in India, if any doubts please see any protest by JNU students.

Shaheen Bagh protests are clearly not in support of the democracy and the constitution, it only takes a serious reading into the history of Islam, Shaheen Bagh is just a show of strength in line with the principles of Muslim brotherhood (UMMAH). Indian Muslims will themselves have to choose between the Nation state that is their own or the UMMAH which just seeks brotherhood of a particular religious allegiance which totally would be against the principles of a secular republic. If Indian Muslims do respect secular constitution as claimed by the mainstream media, Muslims need to rise up for the constitution and not against it.

In the end i would sum it up to say, Hybrid warfare is happening in present times and you my compatriots are the target, tools, agents and means for the enemy to achieve his aim. It is you who will eventually decide the fate of this “Secular, Multi-linguistic, Multi-cultural, Ethnically diverse and Democratic” nation. Particularly the youth needs to use the social media responsibly and understand what one share would entail. India is a secular nation and we are all stakeholders in the existence of this nation, just be alive to this reality. If you be alive to your responsibilities the next time you are about to share something on social media, my entire write-up is successful or else, well, you are pulling that grenade’s pin on you, death won’t just be mine, you too have days numbered.

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      1. इस तरह की बातें, देशप्रेमी लोगों के पास लगातार पहूँचनी चाहिये| धन्यवाद|

    1. Any solution to This aggression of Muslims with the intention for Gazba E Hind…which I feel are a tool on the hands of Pakistan may be through their agents here…

    2. A well researched topic and we are a gullable prey to it with everyone wanting to be a leader and give a sincere thought to overcome this. Where will you do your dirty politics if the country perish your field will be destroyed. Unit at this hour for Nations sake.

    1. Thank you brother, please try and promote this blog. My endeavour is to educate maximum population about contemporary issues. I plan to publish a book as well soon enough

      1. An excellent piece explaining the Hybrid war unleashed by our neighbours I hope we rise above our interests to fight this kind of warfare

      2. Thank you, I hope you all spread the message, please do share this link wherever possible. Lot of research has gone into writing this article

      3. Fantastic. I hope those who have become the tools of hybrid warfare understand and ate willing to accept that they are being used.

      4. Dear Ma’am, excellent research presentation. My two children are on thresholds of their idealogical strengthening..You gave words to what i was thinking to convey it to them. Good Job done👍

  1. Excellent piece of writing ma’m ! But the root cause of misery of human race is the hunger for power , that may be either through religion or through nationalism or patriotism . Leave out these two elements out of your life and the life becomes simpler and easier to live . The hybrid war which you have written about is basically for power !

    1. Thank you brother, Any war is for power and establishing hegemony, Hybrid is just a new kind of strategy of warfare which is a low cost option for adversary and can be easily excercised especially against a nation like India which is diverse and has all kind of fracture lines. Please help spread the message to save our nation before it is too late.

  2. You just write my mind. Pakistan doesn’t have means to do war in its own land. And their economy survives on the business of war. Hybrid warfare is an alternative we have served on a platter to the neighbour.

    1. Thank you, knowledge on hybrid warfare is a must for citizen as it is the citizen’s war. You are tool and the target. Please help spread the message, I’ll soon come up with more India specific contemporary strategic issues. As a Fauji wife one learns a lot. Thank you profusely

      1. There is much more, I just don’t want to write about at the moment due to obvious national allegiance to secularism and my own efforts to stay apolitical

  3. Excellent and well researched piece. Woud share this in all my groups. My heart cries for the puppets few of us have become in hand of enemy for greed of power , name fame amd money. In fact its become fashion to act antinational and get instant media coverage and deny later .political parties would compete to get you on their roles. case being holding playcards like free kashmir ,.shaheen bagh or park circus in kolkata. One thing worries me is why bjp is not running positive campiagn in favour of CAA and why are the silent majority not using social media for attack anti CAA

    1. Thank you brother,
      We need to spread awareness and get united, there is a nexus which is attacking us and I don’t want to openly say right now but one particular ideology will eat us up. Will write more.

  4. The narrative offers a refreshing reading experience, with an impressive understanding of today’s sociopolitical India & lucidly explains the crisp consequences awaiting the new generation for their acts of momentary carelessness. The prose makes absorbing and inspiring reading but with apprehension of course. Thank you🙏

  5. Very thought provoking. Don,t u think those who looted India n amassed billions of usdollars in offshore bank accounts during that dumbo MMS era , as they cannot get back to power by votes, using same stolen money to create anarchy n unrest sply exploiting diversity of religion amidst population . Sure it’s time to think but u said pass it on, with such high illiteracy , its impact is very limited .
    The last delhi election is case in point , and a lot more can be said .

  6. Very well put accross ma’am. The naiveness of our undereducated and ill aware masses is perfect cannon fodder for our adversaries to fulfill their agendas……we need to open our eyes and be aware of how we are being taken advantage of. Will surely share this well written article with the appropriate audience. Regards

  7. In depth analysis and well articulated. I’m with yoy in your efforts to spread the truth..wait Wai for your book to be published. Keep writing.. Sending it to my Son who is trying to figure out his bearing as Fifth generation officer in Indian Army..

  8. Wow! A great point to point explanation! I only wish that the Indian common man understands this. Can I do a presentation using all your points and do my bit to spread it to more people, in shorter points in each slide?

    1. Thank you for appreciation, please don’t be offended but I’d request not to make a presentation, I’ll be writing a book soon and I hope you understand my sensitivity.

  9. Very well researched and written article. High time the powers that be take this into cognizance and act firmly and decisively over it.

    Much respect!

  10. A totally new dimension of warfare which adds on to already a number of other definitions. A young nation state which is not educated and mature enough yet to experiment with a classical democracy is an ideal target to this kind of warfare. the author has left the subject open ended inviting answers to the problem specific to the current scenario playing and growing in India. Would be interesting to get the views of readers as possible advice to the present Govt and the people of India. Is controlled Democracy one ???

  11. A truly hard hitting factual state of affairs prevailing in our country thanks to our neighbour and ably assisted by the likes of Mani Shanker, Owaisi, Sonia and many more. Hope the people of India wakes up to this Hybrid warfare which is happening
    Hope to see many more such eye openers from you

  12. Brilliant! You have connected the dots so clearly and insightfully.. I have shared with literally every contact I have. One friend said ” we are disintegrating”.. but I am an optimist. Last six years show that we are finally starting to wake up.. voices like yours are doing yeoman service not just to the nation but humanity as a whole since it is this cultural heritage and civilization alone that seems to have the potential for a sane peaceful just prosperous sustainable world. This needs to be protected and preserved for humanity at large. Thanks. Regards- Vasu p

  13. Ma’am… Nicely articulated and was a refreshing read.. bears a touch of thought of the IA… One point I would like to mention here is, you probably intentionally left out the highly successful info war post Godhra, which was highly damaging to the internal nd external image of the country, while you mentioned only about Khalistan nd Kashmir… Another point is that,.though the present govt has been trying to tackle this at all levels… it’s very difficult to plan an effective counter to an enemy utilising hybrid warfare.. regards..

  14. A very well articulated and an in-depth article. The analysis could not be more relevant to what’s going on at present.
    It’s a pity that even the educated are not able to see the sinister designs to disrupt India and its growth path.

  15. Absolutely brilliant!! Thank you for all the time and effort you’ve taken in putting this together and for articulating it so well. In times when authenticity of facts and intellectual abilities are claimed solely by the number of re tweets/forwards & even worse when actual humans are treated like mere dispensable chess pieces, this gives me hope that we may still be able to bring the current & next generation back on track with the values & teaching our great country has to offer. I will do my bit to spread this and shall also eagerly await your book!

  16. Factually impact ful… Your article find complete resonance with what is happening around. I don’t see a way to fight this hybrid war.. As you correctly pointed out ..most of the people do not want to recognize the danger our Nation is in..

    1. Thank you navika, a threat is detected then recognised and then identified before being neutralized but for all this to be done, a sniper has to have his sights on.
      Our people don’t even have the intent to detect, they don’t want to see through a proper sniper sight, they rather have propaganda coloured peepers on.

      Anyways let’s try to educate people. on Facebook, like the page and please keep sharing the posts.

  17. First – thank you to you husband for his service and to you for your service.

    A very elaborate post giving away all the modes used by a country against another country to bring in instability.

    But then is that not how all the intelligence agencies operate. If they are not then they are already in the back of the pack. I appreciate your bringing out the manual out front. New inventions like AI and communication tools have only made it easy for the agencies. Time and time the agencies have used this ways to be ahead of the game. The old Indian kingdoms had so called “guptchars”. A local trader or anyone from the daily life we see. Any the one who accepts money is even better – I thing I got dragged away – inefficient old times.

    Again one would say – you did a good job of connecting the dots – but then this is something quite there in the open for who are somewhat read in how the agencies operate. You have laid it out in the open in terms people would understand.

    The example you gave is where the problems are – they are quite selective. Universities like JNU have been like this from many decades. Matter of fact, universities have been liberal in nature all across the board. Conservative universities are quite religious in nature – pun intended. Movements like Kashmiri – Khalistani – are a thing of the past. Let’s not forget we are a very young country. We still have state divisions going on(one could argue for political reasons) but that is the truth. You will always find that someone who wants something of their own – more of A nature of fundamentalists.

    I wish you could have given the solutions that would be undertaken by the government – mainly education and poverty. And educated mind is a liberal mind. Not sure how many educated mind want to be stuck the chains of religion. In fact it is a tool to read the religion and find their meaning in the texts.

    I would end with the times we are in – in all this we have stopped asking questions – asking questions and being curious was part of the traditions we Are a part of. Charaka – Buddhist – Jainism – the atheist wings coexisted I their times with the nastiks and the astiks. One should as how was that even possible. We have a plethora of knowledge out there to find that. . This was an intentional diversion from the talk. I just want to end with “ who is really really gaining from all the dotted points” … time and time again – the invaders in this era are quite similar to the old – they bought down the universities down. Burn the libraries and make sure any voice that is raised is bought in open and persecuted.

    You would say I did not bring up the UMMAh or Muslims – well Muslim brotherhood is an organisation and Ummah is a way of community for the Muslims. Two different things are quite joined but yet different in some way. Let’s say UMMAH existed before the Muslim Brotherhood. So not sure what you meant there. It was more like Apple to oranges. You fail to speak about non Muslims being part of the saheenbaug protest.

    Again this was in mean disrespecting your work but just an honest opinion that comes when reading your blog. The enemies are just not outside. They are amongst us. And I am happy that RAW is doing everything to keep my motherland safe so that there is a some stability compared to our neighbours. No wonder we are next big thing for the world. And thanks for your husband’s service and your sacrifice. You are my everyday heroes.

    Thanks again from the heart.

    May Everyone get to the Brahman in themselves.

    1. Also just want to add – the threat to a nation are the fundamentalists in my view. They will always will need that next batch to be relevant. Islam fundamentalists are a global problem but let us not keep a blind eye to our nation. There is an equal threat from the Hindu fundamentalists. I hope not be part of some batch some day along with my loved ones.

      1. Looking forward to read that. However I would be looking for a non-partisan forward looking view and not the majority pandering. Have read enough of that. Best of luck and let’s not forget planting a thought is also a karma. May you provide the truth to the world. Religions and state boundaries have always been changing … we all are part of a wave.

  18. Excellent. This must be made compulsary read for all indians including students of class 10 upwards.all serving and ex servicemen of defence forces , paramilitary and police forces must read. Well done. Keep on writing. From General VS Karnik (retired) PhD(Management)

  19. Super well stated. ‘Would the sheep know they’d be slaughtered’ and ‘cool generation’s ignorance’ are in my view the most important take home from this excellant informative piece. The young generation would be most affected. It is hence in their interest to keep themselves informed. Hope it reaches those quarters.

  20. Sir,
    I respectfully admire yr writings. You have explained the situation very clearly. The main causes of the HYBRID WARFARE according to me are (1)Caword politicians who consider their vested interests bigger/precious than the National interests. (2)Corruption, everybody understands here. (3)The Religious Leaders and profecy of islamic movement, where they have fixed up their minds that the whole world be ruled by them. Moreover the mentality that every human on this planet must believe islam.
    (4)The enemies within our own country, the biggest example being Mohamed ali jinnah. and now so many of other big heads from our country.


  21. Yes surely I’am doing it in my own way but most important is that we have to unite.
    Normally people believe that the evil us stronger than the good, but in reality it is otherway, In the universe there is 80% black energy, and only 20% white energy, it means that to overcome the 20% good (white) energy, you need 80% evil.
    So which is stronger ?

  22. Every thing you have said about what is happening in our country seems to be true.

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