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EVM bashing and the Venus fly trap ……..that’s some fascination!!


Venus fly trap ……..that’s some fascination!! So is anarchy

wanted to pour my ire out on the ineptitude with which cretins of the revolutionary ideology are lining up behind the pied Piper on his way to anarchy, that man rides on the promise of a change.
Change, well, Anarchy is quite an inviting one, that has taken a considerable population of lamebrains half way down the alley to disorder.

An old niggling commoner driving an auto-rickshaw too believes Pulwama was an inside job, that dimwit didn’t even know where Pulwama was but he was firm in his belief that it was an inside job, the ideology of a “change” has kindled such a sinister perception, minions don’t even know what that ideology is leading to.

That has led you half way into anarchy and sure enough, it is revolutionary to you, keep at it, the trap is lucrative……..what’s in a trap if that ain’t lucrative??

Venus fly trap, ever heard of it???

Venus flytrap, well that’s inviting for the ones who aren’t in it already and once in, it really doesn’t matter, you’re dead anyway. An advertisement i did find relevant in recent times said “the streets are filled with idiots”, that really nailed it, idiocy of lining up behind the pied piper marching to anarchy is pretty palpable these days, so apparent that you can actually smell that obnoxiousness around the country. Strayed a bit from my narrative, did i ? perhaps, well then, lets get back to the fly trap. Fly trap seems lucrative, definitely something that certain little creatures feel like flirting with, the smell of it or the vibrant color thats inviting, irresistibly inviting and a certain death hides behind that fascination. Revolution for an undefined change, thats fascination as well and one would do well to know the perils before getting consumed by it.

Order, thats what the civilizations breathe on, disorder is strangulation that kills them. India as a nation or perhaps few privileged ones from the society chose an order and that was democracy way back in 1950 as the constitution came into effect, the nation has been crawling, walking, chugging along since then in some relative order and came a pretty long way to be able to launch its own satellites, be the fourth strongest nation in the world and then breed enough freedom to have people shouting “Bharat tere tukde…” whatever that was, while feeding on the taxpayer’s money. Maan! that’s some freedom of speech! here again i tend to stray a bit going on a tangent owing to my personal anguish against that particular strain of freedom, ill get back to the subject then, order it is and in this case it is democracy, the chosen way of bringing and maintaining the order.

Democracy isn’t a lynch town, it can’t go shooting people to make them stay within regulations, democracy has institutions, for the people, by the people, of the people. You heard it right people, it is you who make the institutions in a democratic nation and the institutions have to be respected. Institutions bring order in a democracy, Armed Forces, Election Commission, Judiciary they are the institutions and not individuals, nor some political party either. They were meant to be held in high respect and yet recent past has seen people with little credentials or perhaps some thousand Youtube followers dragging the institutions for a dual in their filthy slush.

Nations with strong armies, healthy democracies, functional institutions and thriving economies can’t just be killed easy, adversaries have to inject a rot or perhaps find a rot to nurture it. The rot has been injected, it is being nursed, the credulous has bought that idea of suspecting the institutions.

They were put on records saying “soldiers are being slaughtered for votes” that gentlemen, is a huge statement and demonic too. Is it Idi Amin’s Uganda? come on, this nation has a democratically elected government and one with decent enough respect in the United Nations and other world forums. That lie about Pulwama has been spoken and i tell you it has been bought too by certain ill-informed cretins. Spoken by some lunatic is okay, the issue of that being accepted by some is where the Pandora’s box opens. India has a disciplined, organized and trained army but the army is only as good as the morale is, now imagine a situation where that sinister lie makes an in-road to the perception of the people serving in the army which is fighting since 1948 whether you admit or not. That is killing of an institution and that is subversion. This is exactly what warring nations have done as part of propaganda against each other since the time the very first war was fought.

Surgical strikes or any other name you have for the tactical action by the air-force or the army did happen and happened in the same intensity as spoken about by my government, my armed forces. I am a nation loving citizen and my institution has conveyed about a certain action about which that institution has the best knowledge, i am not even qualified enough to question leave aside willingly buying Pakistan’s narrative on that. Pakistan, the nation who has it’s entire plan of imposing a Low Intensity Conflict on India based on deniability, why would that nation not deny a conventional action by Indian armed forces when it clearly knows it cannot afford to get into a conventional dual with India? Low Intensity Conflict is its domain, it does not want to escalate to conventional war, it just cannot afford it and returning Wing Commander Abhinandan was an action to de-escalate the situation and an opportunity walk out with honour for Pakistan, sure enough their Prime Minister delivered a speech full of magnanimity. Choice of what narrative to buy was still mine and i had my belief in my national institutions intact. Yet, certain hemp vaping revolutionaries peddled that Pakistani lie in our nation, became their vehicle of door to door marketing as that suited their agenda too, who cares for the nation? You believed the enemy and helped his propaganda, its subversion. period.

Next institution and the one most significant for a healthy democracy is the Election Commission, you the coughing and the winking revolutionaries did not spare even that one. Now you have a narrative ready to blame election commission for the loss, political minnows too are making statements against the integrity of the election commission. is the loss so tough to gulp? Haven’t people lost elections in the past?. Aren’t your narratives killing the healthy democratic nation?

And you, the citizen of the nation, what are you looking at? buying those lies, do you even know what that all leads to, its anarchy my friend, the end of the order that the nation breathes on, call is yours. let it breath or strangulate it to the certain death. That un-called for suspicion against the institutions is a revolution too if you call it, that revolution arising out of way too free speech is lucrative, so is that Venus fly trap.