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The Shepherding to Disintegration!! (HYBRID WARFARE AGAINST INDIA)

Would the sheep know they’d be slaughtered? well, no they wouldn’t and so wouldn’t the credulous commoner being shepherded to his own peril in this manifestation of “New Age Hybrid Warfare“.

Been watching, letting it go sipping my ale and then it just kept growing, grown to the audacity of biting my conscience. That ideology, that “cool generation’s ignorance” which serves a catalyst to the whole plan of disintegrating, shredding this great nation to pieces, that pretentious, chichi little celebrities using their charm to woo some more sheep pushing an agenda that would eventually slaughter us all, the sheep included. Enough! that just bit me out of my slumber and here i write to tear into some “Breaking India – Annihilating me and my existence forces”.

Well then, i know already that my writing style isn’t pretty direct and i like to dribble with words, oh yes today i chose a serious affair to talk about and i lay all my propensities to rest and write as direct as a 7.62X51 MM bullet fired from a hardened sniper rifle.  I WRITE ABOUT THE HYBRID WARFARE WE FACE AND I WRITE WITH ALL MY HEART!


You are pulling that pin on yourself slowly but surely!

War! well my friend, you are not interested in that heinous act, war is interested in you, that’s on a prowl, scouting your streets. The callow ones wouldn’t agree though, the war is ubiquitous, its everywhere and it is biting you nimble and there are those cunning ones who wouldn’t let you feel the pain till you bleed out the last ounce of life!

  – Someone Opinionated

Yeah, that warfare that tends to drain you out, eat you hollow and kill you as you lay in slumber is called Hybrid Warfare and  unfortunately it has started biting you already. The recent experience i gained interacting with young boys and girls who would just share anything that looks cool online on social media platforms is that people don’t even know what ramifications their one act of careless, cool looking online behavior can have. They form an opinion without even an ounce of knowledge about any serious subject and then start sharing propaganda material for the same, least would they know that they are being used as skateboards for someone else’s sinister purpose that would eventually come to haunt themselves. That is one particular streak of behavior our online generation has that assists Hybrid Warfare.


Hybrid Warfare is a Military Strategy which employs political Warfare and blends conventional Warfare, Irregular Warfare and Cyber Warfare with other Influencing  methods such as fake news, Diplomacy, Lawfare and Foreign electoral intervention.


  • Waged by state, non state actors or combination thereof
  • Employment of all forces and capabilities at disposal
  • Targets cognitive domain with population as target and means
  • No limitations of time in achieving the aim

“Why be in a messy war when you can just light a fire and watch people fight among-st themselves”

That would just sum it all up, why would your enemy fight a war when he can just light a fire and see you fighting among-st yourselves? that is the best case scenario for him and that is what your enemy has come to now and mind you, you are assisting him too. The Hybrid Warfare targets the minds and also uses the minds from within the target population for propaganda which allows the enemy to recruit propaganda agents without any cost and the agents in turn ruin their own nation or society. The aim of any kind of warfare is just to destroy the enemy, various means and techniques have been used in past for the destruction of adversary’s military thus subjugating him however in modern times, destruction is not limited to only military targets. Population and Institutions are prime target of this new-age warfare. Minds are targeted under hybrid warfare strategy for propaganda and these minds further keep the propaganda on as a chain reaction specifically now in the age of Whatsapp and other social media tools. Adversary just waits and sees the manifestation of his plan without a direct involvement.

                “Propaganda is not a flawed description but a script for action”


Ingredients for Hybrid warfare

  • Diversity – Ethnic, Religion, Caste, Linguistic  Though traditionally diversity in our nation has been treated as a strength, it brings with it many fracture lines and those make a nation susceptible to hybrid warfare which tends to exploit the fracture lines to break the nation eventually.
  • Socioeconomic differences : Well, that can be a common factor for any nation, all nations have Socioeconomic differences and that is not specific to India but it remains a factor which can be exploited for waging a hybrid campaign. Naxal problem India is a perfect example of its exploitation.
  • Partition – 1947 and its aftermaths : Jinnah’s Pakistan was carved out of India in 1947 and though Indian leadership chose moral high grounds with adopting secularism, the partition left a scar and a mistrust between the two largest communities i.e. Hindu and Muslim and that mistrust continues to be exploited.
  • Historic Schism : Islamic Invasions and campaigns against native Hindus has left its footprint in ruined temples and certain mosques. One man’s hero is other man’s savage plunderer, that sure adds up to the friction and differences that can be exploited.
  • Corruption : Corruption in the nation leaves so many hurt individuals forming part of the “Have not” clergy. These may be someone financially hurt, emotionally persecuted or an unemployed, underprivileged individuals, they sure make good candidates to be exploited.
  • Unabated political vendetta : Political parties have shown in past that they won’t exhibit any ethics and would go to any neighborhood for gaining power. Refer Mr Mani Shankar Aiyer of the Congress making a statement to Pakistani media while in Pakistan, he actually called upon Pakistan to help Congress thwart Mr Modi. Does Political ambition score over national interest?

Some quintessential Hybrid Characteristics and their manifestation in Indian context:

  1. Cost vs benefits : Hybrid is way more rewarding for Pakistan than a conventional war against a stronger enemy India.
  2. Threatening the stability of the nation without crossing the  threshold to conventional war : Pakistan’s involvement in Kashmir is a direct example.
  3. Deniability : Hybrid warfare waged through unconventional means i.e. not directly involving Pakistan’s military gives it an advantage of denying any hand in a terrorist attack, Parliament,26/11 and Pulwama attacks are blatant and glaring examples. Here it must be remembered how people within India handed over deniability on a platter to Pakistan for their ulterior political motives and blamed RSS for 26/11 attack ( refer Aziz Burney’s book – RSS ki Sazish). Another twist of deniability to Pakistan was provided by the politicians across India who questioned the Armed Forces after the Surgical Strikes even to an extent asking proof and denying its occurrence. All Pakistan had to do was just sing along the chorus.
  4. Deep and Long-term Impact: Hybrid warfare which in itself includes propaganda and information warfare leaves a long term impact on generations and eventually the generations from within the target nation start working for disintegration of the nation. you may refer to the “khalistani” and “kashmiri” separatism which today is supported by agitating so called “students” right  in the National Capital Region.
  5. Lesser Safeguards under the law of the land as law amendments take time to catch up with the fast paced mutation of the hybrid warfare tactics.
  6. Lack of preparedness : Defence Forces are either not mandated to deal with the softer tools for the greater sinister ploy or keep themselves occupied with the harder upfront conventional threat and the softer, finer tools of hybrid warfare go unnoticed.
  7. Plays outside the domain of def forces mandate to operate : persistent use of “student politics” and universities being done to exploit the inability of the establishment to deal sternly with the so called “youth” and “students” allows the agents of hybrid warfare go unscathed.
  8. Hybrid play on a sub-critical level : Threshold of war flirted with, not crossed. Conventional mil kept as a deterrence and not overtly involved : reference may be drawn to Pakistan’s military providing training, recruitment, logistical and material support to Jihadi Terrorist groups but involving itself only as a credible deterrence to any credible Indian response.
  9. An ubiquitous yet deniable war : Hybrid warfare lets the enemy to take fight to the streets, ghettos and daily regimens of the target nation’s citizen, it surrounds the citizen with the credible achievement of war objectives but holds the ace up it’s sleeve, thats deniability. Here reference may be drawn to the violent agitations and riots by religious groups, “students”, “University Politicians”. Any agitation that threatens to or does actually stall the nation’s economic progress and dents its international image thus discouraging any fresh investments into the nation falls into the domain of hybrid warfare. JNU leftists have done enough harm on this account– “afzal hum sharminda hain”?
  10. Information and Intellectual domain : “The state of Pakistan has not deployed the army against its own people in the way that the democratic Indian state has.” – Miss Suzanne Arundhati Roy. Now statements like these only help annihilate the global image of our nation and a well disciplined army known to maintain high moral ethos.
  11. Lawfare : some eminent lawyers of supreme court forced the supreme court to open midnight in support of Terrorist Afzal Guru. They provide immunity to likes of Sharjeel Imam and Kanhaiya Kumar who blatantly work to break the country.


“A few clicks on your smart phone won’t make you as wise as a domain expert, unwittingly you’ll buy a narrative and an assumption of wisdom though, that my friend is a sinister combination”

THE ROLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE : This picture shows the various tools of hybrid warfare however hybrid warfare’s picture can never be complete as the ambit of hybrid warfare keeps expanding with every visitation of a new technology, recent case in point can be social media and artificial intelligence. The Social media platforms has given audience to every common citizen who otherwise might have been absolutely inconsequential to the mass. Social media gives a conduit to  propaganda in more than one way, advent of mobile phone and internet has dragged people away from a book reading habit to form some firm opinions and it has become easy for them to fall prey to the propaganda and further becoming a vehicle of its evangelism by sharing it further. Propaganda messages and videos go viral and the chain reaction ensues which cannot be stopped. Artificial Intelligence on the other hand captures the interest of the individuals and serve them the selective propaganda messages that they have liked or shared in past. ANY ATTEMPT BY THE ESTABLISHMENT TO STOP THE FISSION REACTION OF PROPAGANDA MESSAGES IS MOURNED AGAINST AS A WOUND TO BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS : reference here may be drawn to how government’s move to halt mobile internet services in Jammu and Kashmir is being protested against globally by a particular lobby in the name of human rights.

“Coordinated and synchronised actions that deliberately target democratic institutions and the very basis of existence of a nation state  while exploiting the systemic susceptibilities just under the threshold of war, flirting with it though”

“Once you start attacking nationalism, national identity, territorial identity. As people then you don’t have to invent much, if that is destroyed there is nothing left”

—- and that my friend is already happening in India, if any doubts please see any protest by JNU students.

Shaheen Bagh protests are clearly not in support of the democracy and the constitution, it only takes a serious reading into the history of Islam, Shaheen Bagh is just a show of strength in line with the principles of Muslim brotherhood (UMMAH). Indian Muslims will themselves have to choose between the Nation state that is their own or the UMMAH which just seeks brotherhood of a particular religious allegiance which totally would be against the principles of a secular republic. If Indian Muslims do respect secular constitution as claimed by the mainstream media, Muslims need to rise up for the constitution and not against it.

In the end i would sum it up to say, Hybrid warfare is happening in present times and you my compatriots are the target, tools, agents and means for the enemy to achieve his aim. It is you who will eventually decide the fate of this “Secular, Multi-linguistic, Multi-cultural, Ethnically diverse and Democratic” nation. Particularly the youth needs to use the social media responsibly and understand what one share would entail. India is a secular nation and we are all stakeholders in the existence of this nation, just be alive to this reality. If you be alive to your responsibilities the next time you are about to share something on social media, my entire write-up is successful or else, well, you are pulling that grenade’s pin on you, death won’t just be mine, you too have days numbered.

Punjab! ever vibrant and up for the takers : A commoner’s cognizance

Year 1984 Dorangla, a small border hamlet in the District Gurdaspur, Punjab : a kid of about four years had swallowed a ten Paisa coin, that coin had led to a family’s grind with the times they were in, the coin had to be flushed out of the child’s system either by force feeding roughage to him that would eventually flush out the foreign object with the normal bowel movement or else the child would have to be operated upon. The child’s father, himself a doctor, struggled to convince the child to eat as the four years old would only eat what he liked and the modest, reticent quintessential middle class surroundings hadn’t provided the child with choices of imagination, a homely, simple “banana” was all that he asked for.

Not much of a struggle buying some bananas for the child, isn’t it? read the “year” again, 1984, Operation Blue-star was on and entire punjab was barricaded, curfew imposed, none could move out and risk of being shot at by the security forces in this situation was pretty much justifiable. Man rode his picayune little Bajaj scooter to scout for “Bananas”, pleading and convincing the Security Forces at every check post but the market too was shut down. That being a small hamlet, people generally knew each other and certainly, the Senior Medical Officer was known in the area and it helped, he knocked some doors and was guided to the home of a local fruit vendor, he finally had in his possession those cherished “bananas”.

Those “bananas” won’t justifiably narrate the ordeal that every family in the state had to endure, there would have been people ailing, in need of medical treatment, pregnant and in need of medical attention and many situations one can’t imagine as a routine.

That wasn’t all, there were killings, selective killings of the innocent by militants, innocents in crossfire, militants and security forces in encounters, all our people, people of Punjab, citizens of India.

Being a non-partisan, wouldn’t get into the origin of the turmoil and how our “friendly” neighbor milked the situation which was in tune with its “bleed by thousand cuts” policy against India. All i know is any fight needs a “just cause” to fuel the fight by providing the valuable motivation and that just cause is either just there owing to prevailing circumstances or is manufactured/ tailored to fit to the fight.

One can stitch together some instances to make a “just cause” in the instant case however utmost that made to everyone’s ears was “1984”, that genocide against Sikhs in Delhi, undoubtedly heinous, dastardly and was irreversible damage to the integrity of the nation. That led to loss of faith of Sikhs in the very bedrock of our existence as a nation, the unity. Damage was done and each member of the mob involved in those killings owns the culpability of the damage, drugged by political vengeance and being shepherded by corrupt politicians, damage can’t be undone but justice could have been done in time, justice could have alleviated the pain a little.

Justice lingered! notwithstanding, Punjab saw the dawn of new era in early 90s, an era of newfound vitality, normalcy and growth. Militancy ended and that ended all attributable to the patriotism and the faith in democracy amongst the people. Yet again Punjab proved that it was vibrant, patriot and nationalistic.

Justice lingered! that generation which endured it all, died waiting to see the culprits on gallows and here is the next generation of gel fed paddy haired couch potatoes given a life at ease by the parents who did sweat for each penny earned. Quick to hop on to any nonsense trending on social media, their ears fed “racial pride” on a regimen by the Canada returned pop Punjabi singers. Cacophony of the word “jatt”, that word fills the lyrics of every second trending song, makes the title of majority of the movies and racial pride is fed all day without anyone paying much heed to the perils of it. The “Bhindranwala” stickers on cars is “pride” without even knowing what those dark times meant.

Rudderless ‘STATE’ of affairs and a view through the windscreen!Driven through Punjab lately? Always believed a road trip tells you about the society like nothing else and to my dismay,I learnt that my state doesn’t seem ushering into delightful future. That ain’t amusing to drive through cities draped in billboards calling people to the blue collared ghettos of the the west.
IELTS and some random exam a decent fifth grader can get across, fill the everyday starry eyed dreams of the youth, study in canada and be a blue collared lackey for life is the fine print on every hoarding. Youth ready to jump into any random boat to west, girls prepared to marry any nincompoop, CREDENTIAL-LESS peacock haired NRI.

Presence in Olympic squad has diminished, land holdings are squeezed and farms are under pressure for yield and so is urea and pesticides pumping bulk into the crop turning to poison, PRIDE?? we have a special cancer train running, thats unique to this land itself.

RUDDERLESS…yeah the youth defines where the state would head from here on and that youth in entirety is being shepherded to CANADA and the failure to make it to the wonderland, lack of growth in farming owing to pushed to the corner soil and limited holdings and a lack of industrialization generates apt candidates for drug addiction. Imagine a situation if countries like Canada too shut their doors to the brownskin, pretty likely the way right wing governments of west are thinking of saving their turf. To top it all the state has been nurturing low intensity conflict likelyhood by letting khalistani propaganda go unabated for years.

What does the sinister concoction of unemployment, lack of direction, organised drug peddling and abuse, over the brim racial pride and consistent radicalisation leads to, doesn’t take a brainer for guesses……you have a perfect breeding ground for militancy and chaos.

Its vibrant, its ripe and its up for takers, that is Punjab today. The “just cause” still exists, the ingrate “friendly” neighbor still exists empowered by the reach of social media on a cell phone network. Is there some one observing the gravity of the situation and the turn it could take with the Khalistani “referendum 2020” on the anvil. Its only upto the “elected” representatives to reach out to the youth and give them a fresh direction. Is there someone with intent????

well, this only a citizen’s concern, dump it if you feel so, consider if you can!


When Yograj Singh (yuvraj singh’s father and a popular punjabi actor) spew venom against Hindus during the ongoing so called farmers’ protest, it wasn’t just one-off incident it exhibited the hate Khalistani radicals have been able to inject against Hindus in general, scratch the surface and the subcutaneous hate is exposed.

In this article i’d attempt to expose the conduits of hate campaign and try to reach out to the Indian Punjabi community on a bended knee to make a plea, a plea to beat the hate and strengthen the blood bond that exist in our history and withering at present, lets try and nurture our kinship. Lets just look back over our shoulders, the bond is real hate is manufactured.

Digging deep to find some broken, dumped and agenda infected truth of Punjab’s history that goes a bit abrasive on certain hardline khalistani factions and their sole existence is something that has to be attempted and someone had to pull the veil on the unpopular truth that remains subdued and too subtle to be heard.

Today i start with a picture of Baba Sri Chand Ji, now most wouldn’t know who he was, he was the son of Guru Nanak Dev ji and now that you know know who he was, peer deep into the picture for a while to absorb the subtle realities. Yeah, he wears a Janeu, has matted tresses and appears blue quintessentially ‘Shiva’ like. Even finer revelation for many would be the fact that he was the ascetic saint who started the “Udasin Samprada” a hindu sanatani sect headquartered at Vrindavan, Mathura now but ironically the sacrum-sactorum, the actual seat of Baba Sri Chand ji in Pathankot District of Punjab today is under Shromani Gurudwara Prabhandhak Committee (SGPC), the Sikh body governing most Gurudwaras across the nation.

The actual “Udasin Samprada” to whom the seat belongs amicable go to Vrindavan without a claim on “Baath Sahib Gurudwara” the name now people know the site as. Sanatan Dharma has considered Sikhism to be an offshoot of Sanatan philosophy and whether its a Gurudwara or a Mandir doesn’t really matter, but wait a while, keep reading i am sure i’ll be able to rip off the veil from the hypocrisy of the other side, the radical so called purist sikh factions.

Many outside Punjab wouldn’t even know Guru Nanak was born in a punjabi Mehta Khatri family. Radical Sikhs remain abusive towards hindus , i have personally come across an argument by sikh friends accusing RSS and certain hindu sects of trying to hijack their religion by claiming it to be an offshoot of sanatan value system and my only question to this end would be “would you be ashamed of your lineage?”. No one has tried hijacking anything here, had it been, Gurudwara Baath Sahib would have been a Sanatani Udasin peeth. Preserving and nurturing inclusiveness and shared heritage isn’t hijacking. The flesh and nail relationship between Panth(by the way Panth means a sect, not a religion) and Dharma was propitious to say the least in an already fractured diverse nation. BUT FOR THE SATISFACTION OF THE PRESENT DAY PROPONENTS OF THE FAITH I’D AGREE SIKHISM IS A SEPARATE RELIGION !!! All that my writing here asks is recognition of bond between hindu and sikh community and mutual respect accordingly, no way a believer of sanatan dharma is trying to hijack any of your beliefs, Sanatan is an all encompassing ocean of compassion.

Shared heritage and hypocrisy of cherry picking :

Try searching for Khalsa Panth on google, that by the way is the sect to whom the Sikhs today owe their allegiance to, Khalsa Panth was started by 10th Guru, Sri Guru Govind Singh ji and first people to join the sect were “Panj Pyaare” five individuals hailing from five very distinct far apart places across India. Why did i even say you need to search google? because ironically radical beholders of sikh faith today would not like to remember Panj Pyaare for what they were ; Daya Ram a Khatri hindu from Lahore, Dharam dasin a Jaat from Meerut, Himmat rai a Kumhaar hindu from jagan nath puri Orissa, Mohkam Chand a chheemba hindu from Gujrat, sahib Chand a Nai (barber) hindu from Karnataka.

Given the sensitivities of today’s sikhs towards any reference to Hindu lineage, i’d relent and agree with them though with tribulation that since all these five hindus joined Guru Gobind singh and came under the folds of Khalsa Panth they should only be called by their baptised names. No wonder all panj pyare have a “Singh” title and today’s generation would be a yard further away from any hindu-sikh shared heritage.

All non punjabis except one by the way, the present generation would have made fun of any non-punjabi indian, calling them “Bhaiya or Chaul Khaani jaat” in a crass derogatory manner. Needs a bit of soul searching??? the racial pride has to be curbed and pruned, it cannot just go one beefing up on steroids and you cannot let the ivy grow over the door. You owe allegiance to all Indians, is mandated and called for. Some might still disagree with my statement on ” inflated racial pride” i’d say wait….wait i am not done.

BAHMANAA DI NAI, JATT DI AA YAARI AA” thats one piece from Surjit Bindrakhiya’s uber popular song “Jatt di Pasand”, this is how icons of Sikh/ Punjabi folk culture degrade Brahmins and yes in effect all hindus. Did someone protest this? no, this is a song from 90s and the singer has even died but yeah no uproar over the lyrics. Generations have been fed with “JATT” exaggerated machismo. No songs qualify as punjabi enough if its not around Jatt, don’t we have other communities living in punjab, do we? Why Brahmin? why not degrade someone else? it is done to malign the fountainhead of Hindu philosophy as Brahmins are the torch bearers, protagonists and pedagogue of Sanatan Dharma.

Here is a link to just one of the many attempts of maligning with latent hatred towards “Brahman”, “Gangu” is how they address a brahmin colloquially while looking down and mocking a brahmin. Gangu was one brahmin who in the history betrayed Guru Govind Singh’s mother and informed mughals about her whereabouts but what about Bhai Mati Das and Bhai Sati das? you cannot just cherry pick history for figments that suit you and your narrative. Deny this? wait i am still not done.

WHY ‘GANGU’ A BRAHMIN, WHY NOT JUST ONE TRAITOR? why highlight the ‘BRAHMIN’ factor while talking of ‘GANGU’ and not BHAI MATI DAS? Haven’t you had traitors in Sikh community? Why carry that false ‘Holier than thou’ attitude?

Moderating this conversation among historian Amar Pal Sidhu, professor Sukhmani Bal Rai, and Scottish author William Dalrymple, bureaucrat Mandeep Rai said: “Generals Tej Singh and Lal Singh betrayed their own Sikh army to join hands with the British… otherwise Pakistan would have never been in existence. This account of treachery runs very deep,” he said, “even historians don’t know how deep.”——-that is just an excerpt from times of India’s coverage of a meet on history. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/sikh-generals-betrayal-opened-door-for-british/articleshow/62003378.cms

Lakshman Dev, a Dogra born in Rajauri (Union terrirory of Jammu and Kashmir) joins Guru Govind singh and becomes celebrated warrior Banda Bahadur. How many even know the real name of Banda Bahadur today? The radicals have to abuse Dogras and call them traitors as Raja Lal Singh, a Dogra Wazir in Sikh empire conspired against Sikhs and provided information to Britishers, they also feel Maharaja Gulab Singh of Jammu stole Kashmir from Sikh empire, Lakshman dev would not go well with that narrative, isn’t it ?

“A Warrior Dogra, Lakhsman Dev becomes Banda Bahadur and if a Dogra turns out to be traitor, he just remains Dogra and the entire community is painted with the same brush of your propaganda” Haven’t you had traitors among Sikh community? Political opportunism was as real in those times as it is now, can we make peace with this fact?

the radical facebook pages, social media propaganda is full of it, though it cannot be denied that half of it originates from Pakistan and NRI Sikh ghettos of west, Indian Sikhs however, remain the target audience and won’t be long before the hatred walks the main street.

Your history is so meshed with Hinduism that no matter how hard you try someone will keep reminding you of the kinship and the blood bond. You can’t keep cherry picking every noble warrior or saint from history and make him a sikh poster boy while maligning his entire community for someone else’s fault or may i say some political opportunism. Sikh empire by the way had Dogras and even Gorkhas fighting for it.

Bhagat singh gave his life for the cause of freedom, so did Shivaram Hari Rajguru and Sukhdev Thapar both hindus same day, same cause, same place. How many movies, how many songs do we have in their name? most would not know their full names as well. Is that not cherry picking by the standard bearers of “Punjabi cultural pride” and i’d say even bollywood and the media?

Babbu Maan, another dear icon of radical youth even went on to discredit freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai while addressing numbskull Khalistani cool schmucks at London. If cherry picking wasn’t enough, here is discrediting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1V9SeuNh9A here is the link, Deny it still?

Deliberate incision into the unifying Socio-cultural fabric :

With one ingredient cherry picked, the venomous concoction of separatism is closer to completion but they still need a cuspated scalpel to separate the flesh from nails so here we are, decades of slow slicing of umblical chord connecting Hinduism and Sikh panth.

Ram, Shiva, Bhagwati, Hari, Krishan, Vishnu, Chandi, Kaali, Durga and Brahma in Sri Guru Granth Sahib but any semblance to Hindu deities is denied by most radicals. Created a smaller exclusive Sikh majority state of Punjab shedding off Dogra hills to Himachal and Hindu majority plains to newly created Haryana.

Common Hindu vikrami samvat calender discontinued and Nanak shahi calender adopted, was there really a need if entire agenda wasn’t to tear off the fabric of common heritage? What was the problem with ‘Vikrami Samvat Calender‘ it existed even at the time of Gurus.

Watched any Punjabi movie lately? you rarely would find a hindu character, the entire village appears to be “Jatt”, ironically punjab has considerable hindu population and today, even a credible christian population too, can’t say if they intentionally give the inclusiveness a miss? however inclusiveness does exist in real world punjab as yet but portraying a purist exclusive society in Punjabi movies will sure enough go a mile further in bulwarking and beefing up of the already inflated racial pride and shredding the social fabric?


Inflated Racial Pride

Shown one side Victim for too long

Selective cherry picking of History

Deliberate incision into the unifying Socio-cultural fabric

Khalistani radicals have mixed all of the above ingredients to make a poisonous concoction of hate and separatism.

One side shown victim for too long : Partisan approach to history narration

Thousands of peaceful, unarmed and patriot Sikhs were killed by mob after the assassination of Smt Indira Gandhi that was a gloomy day in the history of the nation and it just cannot be justified, justice too lingered in this case of genocide and lingered so much that it gave space for separatist narratives to be fed again to puberty after terrorism died in Punjab. Radical factions printed T-shirts, created social media pages, have youtube channels and involved mainstream popular singers, sponsored and orchestrated a full blown campaign that 1984 is not forgotten, palpably enough they needed the sentiments of grief, victimization and eventually vengeance alive to keep their narrative skateboard rolling.

I’d even attach a link to Jinda-Sukha a song sung in the glory of the Khalistani assassins of General Vaidya (retd) by Ranjit Bawa and Lehmber Hussainpuri (i am amazed at the policy paralysis of the government which allows this).

One can just sit back and gulp down the reality of hate this song is going to instill in future generations, to the dismay of every nationalist, this is not the only Khalistani song by renowned popular singers, one just has to search there are many others including Jazzy B who are into this business of hate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkkUEpdthMc

They made sure 1984 massacre is not forgotten and revived the Khalistani concept in cognitive domain but then what about the Hindus and Sikhs killed by Khalistani terrorists during those dark times? Delhi has so many Hindu business families who were hounded out of Punjab in 80s after losing their dear ones, receiving threats, asked for ransom. Punjab itself has so many internally displaced Hindu families from villages to the anonymity of safer cities like Pathankot, their land holdings at native villages quietly gobbled. who is their voice?

Didn’t Hindus suffer during that period of Khalistani terrorism, they did but no visible malice, they rebuilt their lives, carried on for the love for the nation. Aren’t those Hindus your brothers as well? Today all Khalistani NRIs proudly associate with Pakistani Punjabis and call themselves Punjabis and not Indians, may i have the audacity to ask them whether Punjabi Hindus don’t have a claim to this land of their forefathers? aren’t they your brothers too? perhaps a bit closer kinship than what you share with those Pakistanis.

1984 happened however not justified but one thing is very clear and sure, Khalistani terrorism did not happen because of 1984, it was already existing. Why are you trying to mobilise people on your lies? why this one sided victimhood? Notwithstanding, you have successfully built an anti Hindu, anti India narrative on this lie.

The sole aim of my writing is just to present a perspective and request all Sikh brothers to pragmatically analyse whether this Khalistani narrative has any truthful and firm ground, a collective snubbing to these Khalistani radicals is pretty much needed for the unity upon which hinges the very existence of our nation.


Goodbye horses !!

Goodbye horses, she said, was her favourite song,
Goodbye I fear,
I was forever to walk along,
days veiled, alone, now shed a tear,
words of promises all gone wrong,
howled aloud, she didn’t stay enough to hear.

somewhere somehow we’ll meet again,
keeping the dwindling hope alive,
will it be the same rain,
would she share a song on a drive.
stuck in time, hoping in vain,
left a dreamer, a fool, she was sane,
walking away with nothing to explain.

oh, again,
you stay restrained,
let it go in vain ?
lemme act all insane ?
and yet again
I won’t refrain,
as I say it all over again

“you’re the one I endear,
it’s the goodbye I fear”

- Inconsequential commoner

Tell me Who am I ? Without you Grace

Yesterday I stopped by a cigarette kiosk, picked a cigarette and was going to ride away to secluded place to smoke as I always have, given that my father was a known personality in the area and someone seeing me smoking in open would be read as a social stigma.

I was startled a bit, my father was no more, I could light the cigarette, but I went to seclusion again.
It wasn’t just a deterrence but also a discipline that my father’s benign presence had on me, every loss of a dear one takes a part of you along.

In callous upwardly mobile world around us emotions are looked down upon and being Practical is celebrated.

What am I? Isn’t it my emotions,emotions of loved ones that I respect and moments we have together.
What am I? I have a part of you in me, agonising, loving, calming,ireful, vengeful, desirable, longing, dismayed …vivid colours that make me, makes us all.

I am an emotional fool perhaps, I am the man I am notwithstanding, let me just be a proud fool.

Grace called life !!

Skepticism? Agnosticism? Atheism ? or just plain naivety of the nugatory commoner. The quest and the Reason i look inwards, set myself to rest, go with the flow of Sanatan Dharma!

He hangs on a belief for what else could be so real in his entire fickle existence knitted with lies, he was a myth and he nurtured the myth of his ownership of space and time. That man weaves a starry eyed fantasy of limitless capability, technology to know the deep buried secrets of the universe, augmenting his senses to peep into the unknown and yet, a moment is all it takes to lay all his dreams to rest without decent last rites.

what do we build our perceptions on? the senses that confine us to measured boundaries vis-a-vis the vast unending realities of the universe. we have a world confined by our senses, perceptions to what we can see, hear, understand and relate, what if we were just as diminutive as the microscopic parasites that we everyday wash off our hands. yes. we are timid, minuscule, irrelevant and perishable colony of organisms in the bigger cosmic canvas. Human skin in itself is a living colony of microscopic trillions and one drop of hand sanitizer is an apocalypse for them, isnt it? am i not the complete universe to them? how far can that microscopic being go in the path of discovery to see the actual universe? it cannot, it would just live and die assuming my skin to be the unending universe.

Humans are gifted indeed, gifted with five senses, ability to analyze, perceive, a reach to rationale and faculties to exercise them all yet humans to are confined, bound by dark curtains of the limits of our senses and even more by imposing the shackles of philosophies and the dogmas of our own making. The dogma calls for allegiance and culls the tendency to question, killing the man’s quest and the yearning to challenge his limits. A shackled man surrenders to the comfort of the confinement, forgetting he was already confined by his senses.

Vision : A pair of human eyes has a total field of view of approximately 200 degrees horizontally and those eyes that proffer you the visual treat of the universe as you see it too are limited by a set of wavelength. Eyes wouldn’t let you peep beyond the VIBGYOR and that’s about it folks! you cannot even see the very well known WIFI wave traveling in your room and yet you have the gumption to discount the supernatural?

Hearing : 20 to 20000 decibels is all that sums up your hearing and the comprehension based on hearing too is skewed considerably. Howling of a wolf, barking of a dog, some random noises of the nature, did you ever ask yourself if they conveyed some meaning? Even human languages, whats the difference in howling of a wolf and a song in mandarin to me? i can understand neither.

Touch, smell and taste : these three senses have not even been studied that well and as such animals beat humans in each. Selectively animals have certain senses way too advanced than us humans, a pig can smell a buried landmine, bats move on radar technology of their own, birds have GPS navigation. Humans have not even learnt from animals fully and we sit back reclining with a cheeseburger in one hand and a TV remote in the other assuming primacy among-st species, certain forms of belief often even profess that all species are made to serve the humans, naivety and ludicrosity knows no limits!

well, i started with time and space yet the ‘spacy’ me drifting in the comforts of languorous thoughts just could help drifting away before some sane gulp of stiff black coffee jolted me back the the time and space i was in, lets plunge into time and space then. ever thought of a parallel world around you or perhaps multiple parallel worlds? what if one was to pause the world for an hour and then restart from where it was without anyone knowing about this? what if there is some species so fast that they can live years in what seems a minute to us? would we get to notice? we cannot even see a bullet in the air, only get to see the effect. What if there are certain things that walk around but their presence is not caught by the VIBGYOR? their effect is not noticed by us, noise is lesser that 20 decibels? perhaps more developed radars and sight systems would explore. what if there is something that doesn’t have a shape. 

The cosmic and the possibilities are unending, so is my belief, my belief isn’t a Dogma, dogmas restrict, they box the imagination and limit it to rigid philosophy unwelcoming to acceptance of a contradiction, an argument or a disagreement. Dogmas are sinister, dogmas arouse a turf war which has and would continue to destroy humanity. There are no tight compartments where my belief dwells, idol worship doesn’t make me an infidel, giving up idol worship and meditate to look inwards doesn’t throw me out of my belief system, I am still a human, believer of Sanatan values, I don’t pray, worship or meditate, am still a Sanatan Dharmic human, I just do good deeds in life. Renouncing every material bond and deciding to wander in woods of anonymity, looking for the supreme in my own self keeps me as Sanatan Dharmic human, a believer as living a commoner’s life and being true to my family, all people around me. My belief doesn’t harm anyone, doesn’t profess harming any life around me, a vegan is welcome so is a diehard non-vegetarian, he’ll discover on his own, if he feels like he’ll give up meat, even if he doesn’t he still is part of the belief system, he’s not declared an infidel. 

Some would question the very existence of the supreme in any form, the Atheists and yes they too are welcome, they question, that’s their right, that’s the only way to get answers, they are  ‘Saadhaks’ , the seekers and thats how my belief system accepts them, they are never turned away and called infidels. Some live a life of penance and pain, some just dance in joy and celebrate life undeterred, both are the children of the same divine philosophy of acceptance. Undiscovered, unknown and unlimited is how i define the divine, how much do i know to denounce someone else’s ways? I worship life in every form, i am grateful to creations around me, i thank sun for giving the very basic energy without which there would be no life on earth, I thank “Vayu”, the air for my breath, I thank rivers and mountains for resources, i thank mother earth for hosting all life. I don’t have “too many gods” but yes, i worship all manifestations of the supreme, i respect all life and all life givers. I am human and i am an inconsequential seeker in the vast unfolding of the cosmic, i remain a seeker and thats a title no one can take away while i choose what i choose to do keeping on the path of good “Karma”. I can go and visit a mosque, a church, a synagogue, i wear a turban, a hat, a skull cap or flash a “Tilak” on my forehead, I am a Dharmic, a Sanatani and my belief doesn’t declare me an outcast, my belief encourages me to discover. My belief is “Sanatan Dharma”.

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